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Apr 3, 2012 06:02 AM

gotham burgers teaneck

here is their menu.

opens in middle of april

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  1. no they are open already. They want to start delivering after the holiday.

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      try and then find them on the drop down menu.

    2. Your link doesn't appear to work...

      1. A friend mentioned on Facebook that he'd been there on Sunday, so I assume they're open.

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            My friend was unimpressed, but I haven't been myself and can't report personally.

            1. re: GilaB

              so tonight on my way home i was going to go to chickies, but as i was pulling on to queen anne road i remembered a post abt gotham burger on the fries post, and though i wasnt in a fries mood, its always good to try a new place

              so i went in ordered a burger and friend chicken, and it was taking a while, not a crazy amount of time, i find that often in teaneck for some reason things take longer than they do in ny, so i wasnt concerned about the amt of time bc im used to waiting at chickies

              a couple of minutes after i ordered, the guy behind the counter started apologizing for the delay- the delay had been minimal at that point and i smiled and said not to worry as i watched them making everything totally from scratch, freshly dipping and saucing peoples chicken wings (which you seldom see) and freshly dipping chicken and dropping fries,

              a few minutes later he came over again and apologized again, it has really not been an insane amount of time, but regardless he sent over a comped order of chicken fingers and then apologized again

              i grabbed one chicken finger from the basket and asked him to pack up the rest, and then bit in to an insanely delicious chicken finger, it was crispy and crunchy but not greasy, and the meat was moist and flavorful. these are all things that should be givens, but unfortunately theyre not

              then the manager came over and apologized again for the delay and offered me a discount on my next visit- super attentive, super nice, and also super unnecessary

              so eventually the food was ready and i went home

              the burger was delicious- juicy but seared, still pink on the inside, with a soft bun that was not soggy from the gotham sauce or veggies, the veggies tastes fresh, the sauce has a little bit of a kick, and some seasoning that i havent yet figured out

              the friend chicken- we only took a bite bc we were uncomfortably full after splitting the chicken fingers and the burger, but it was delicious, when i was little my bubby used to make friend chicken down in baltimore, it was salty and crunchy and just delicious- bc of my bubby im very fried chicken picky and almost never give it a chance bc usually it so pales in comparison, this was really really close- my only complaint was that when i requested dark meat i thought id get legs and thighs, they gave me all thighs, normal people would have been happy about that, im just being picky

              all said- i will definitely be back- probably more frequently that i want to admit, and on the wait....chickies would have taken longer, not knocking chickies- but it would have taken longer

              1. re: shoelace

                I really enjoy Gotham Burgers . Their double burger is too much for anyone with a really good appetite who is really hungry to finish. Their burgers are really good , as are their chicken sandwiches. The best part are their fries. They are delicious.

                1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                  next time ill try the fries!

                  have you had the mashed potatoes?

                  1. re: shoelace

                    I did when they first opened. They were good,though not memorable.

          1. The original comment has been removed