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Apr 2, 2012 11:24 PM

Chicken Marsala Cooked Backwards?

I have noticed a couple of recipes that seem to break the traditional methods of making a pan sauce and both are Italian in origin. Basically, they saute mushrooms first, then the chicken but it never gets remove to deglaze the pan. They just keep adding liquid and ingredients and simmer down.

I was just wondering, is this a standard method of how Italian chefs make a pan sauce? Isnt there less flavor since you are not deglazing the pan like they do in America, UK, or France?

Here is an example:

And this one

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  1. It definitely skips a complete step by trying to incorporate it in another. Generally, your meat is removed for a rest during the de-glaze and finishing of a jus or pan sauce. Not sure why it's not happening here - maybe a timesaving measure, but not much of one, at that. I suppose if you add the liquid and then deglaze with the meat in the pan, that could happen, but you'd be trying to dodge things and not splash; what a total pain!! If the meat or poultry needs to finish in a sauce, I'd remove it and deglaze and then re-add and follow through to the end.

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      Ya, that is what I am thinking, but that guy is a chef, I am not. He must have a reason for it. And he is making an Italian recipe.

      I wonder if his goal is not to brown or make a fond in the pan. I am so used to doing that from what I have learned but maybe that is my American mindset and not another cultures method.