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Apr 2, 2012 10:47 PM

Gary Danko

Taking my husband to Gary Danko for his b'day. Advice re what to order?

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  1. i like their seafood dishes a lot more than their meat dishes, which surprised me looking at their menu.

    the ahi avocado citrus salad is simple, but really really good.

    the horseradish salmon is also good, but maybe just a notch down from the ahi salad.

    the desserts i've tried there are okay, but are overpriced as a menu selection. (a selection being the equivalent of ~$20.)

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    1. re: Dustin_E

      I'm not much of a cheese afficionado, but I really enjoyed them at GD and would recommend that as one of your choices. They have a nice selection served table-side.

      1. re: baron45

        i was actually a bit disappointed by the cheese at gary danko, if only because NONE of the offerings were raw milk cheeses, which i much prefer.

        though admittedly they do have a large selection.

    2. The caviar service is outstanding and a good value. The blini are to die for.

      The roast lobster is always excellent. I am not a fan of the horseradish crusted salmon, but do like most of their seafood. the risotto is good and quite large. I am usually happy with the Guinea hen.

      The creme brulee trio is really too generous.

      I usually skip dessert and end with the cheese course. This allows me to double up on either appetizer or seafood. As to the cheese cart, it is no longer cutting edge. Though it has good variety, there is nothing all that unusual or hard to source on it. That said, I enjoy it because the cheeses, though not very obscure, are always in lovely condition.

      1. Thanks all for the suggestions. We had a great meal. It was our first time there. Such a lovely space. And of course terrific service. The amuse--rock shrimp in lobster broth--was light and interesting (a bit hard to spoon in the bowl in which it came). My husband had the seafood risotto, which was brilliant--great flavors, spot-on texture, indulgent--a big serving. I had seared fois gras (on the where-else-do-you-get-that theory--never mind, looking to the upcoming ban--on the same theory, fois gras again in the quail stuffing, my third course, which was very good, but less special--the stuffing over-powered the delicate bird a bit). For a second course, I had scallops on an asparagus puree--perfectly cooked and great spring flavors and colors. My husband had sea bass w/ bacon, which he found the least interesting of the evening's choices. He then had--and loved--the lamb w/ beans (I tasted and loved the lamb--the beans with the lamb, not as much). He then had the cheese, which was, as other posters describe. They brought out a lemon panna cotta gratis, w/ a b'day candle, since we didn't order a sweet. That and the little sweet treats at the close were all lovely, as was the parting gift of a pineapple upside down muffin "for breakfast tomorrow." We did wine by the glass--very nice choices, not insignificant tariffs (one glass that my husband ordered, $24). The only real complaint was the noise level--hard to hear for much of the time we were there--and we had a late res. And I'm NOT going to whine about people taking out their smart-phones all the time, because I've already made trouble on that score on this Board and am just trying to accept the fact that I'm old/old-fashioned (though less old than my celebrating spouse!)! Again, thanks--all your help contributed to a wonderful evening.