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Apr 2, 2012 08:56 PM

Power Dinner Spot

Coming to town in a few weeks for a series of dinners. Needing some suggestions on some good power dinner spots. Doesn't necessarily have to mean steak, but if you do have a good steakhouse - that too is much appreciated.

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  1. A couple of places to check out would be J&G Steakhouse (the steak is excellent, but so are the other items on the menu, especially seafood), Vidalia (excellent gourmet Southern cuisine), Acadiana (delicious Cajun/New Orleans food), and Equinox (local, seasonal cuisine. The President and First Lady dine here often!).

    None of these places are necessarily cheap but they are all excellent.

    1. The Palm, BLT Steak, Bourbon Steak, Citronelle

      1. The Prime Rib, The Caucus Room, CityZen.

        Seat-side service to Lexus Presidents Club seats at Nationals Park would be hard to beat.

        1. New Steak = JG
          Old Steak = Prime Rib
          Italian(?) = Tosca
          French(?) = Adour
          American = CityZen
          Seafood - Kinkeads

          1. If your business is politics, the list of power tables might change...
            Old Ebbitt Grill, Johnny's Half Shell, Charlie Palmer Steak, Blue Duck Tavern