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L'Instant d'or

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Has anyone been?

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  1. See Alex Lobrano's " Hungry for Paris"...he reviewed it last week and gave it a B+

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    1. re: Franco American

      Yes, I saw that (which is how my interest got piqued to begin with) but I wondered if any Hounds had tried it and had an opinion.

      1. re: plafield

        What better a critic than Alex could you hope for? It's all in his tasty review.

        1. re: Franco American

          Generally, I look for more than one person (no matter how well read/respected that person is) to give feedback on a place before I want to spend serious money on a meal, especially in Paris where there are so many choices. There are so many palates I know and respect here on CH it's always preferable to me if I can back up a blog rec here.