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Apr 2, 2012 07:54 PM

Specialty Bakers Lady Fingers - found in freezer - where to buy?

I use them for trifle and need some! Usually, I buy them at Loblaws in the freezer case in the bakery section, but at least the Loblaws I usually shop at (Victoria Park & Gerrard) doesn't carry them. Has anybody seen them? Preferably east end...


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  1. I buy mine at Fortino's here in Hamilton, but I don't think I've every seen them out. I always ask at the bakery counter and they have them either fresh or frozen back in their area.

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    1. re: fabia

      Thanks, Fabia. I don't have a convenient Fortino's, but I will call some other Loblaws locations.

    2. I don't know, but I recently started dredging lady fingers in Lemon Liberté yogurt and it's ridiculous.

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          I'm not an expert on them. I bought the least-expensive looking ones on the bottom shelf at Lady York (Italian grocers) on Dufferin... They're glamorously named "La-Ida Ltd. Lady Finger". No fancy focus groups were used when marketing these lady fingers, but at least they're made in Canada... In a weak moment, I dredged and it was heaven! Just tried the Liberté peach/passion fruit yogurt tonight... Lemon rules.

          1. re: Full tummy

            Oh yeah... they have a really nice lemon flavour, but again, I'm not a connoisseur so I can't comment on their quality.

            1. re: Moimoi

              Sounds delicious. The type I am looking for are more like a light cake in the shape of a ladyfinger, and I find them easy and delicious for trifle.

        2. So, just replying here in case anyone else is interested. I found them at the Loblaws location at Bayview and Moore. But the Redway Loblaws doesn't have them right now. Who knows if there's a reason...