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Apr 2, 2012 07:43 PM

Pork chop sandwich?

Has anyone heard of these? I think they are eaten in the south USA or in some asian countries. Are there any in the SF BA?

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      1. re: wolfe

        That's what I was thinking but I thought it was an Indiana thing.

        Tapas bars often serve a pork tenderloin sandwich/slider.

        1. re: ML8000

          New Lun Ting at 670 Jackson has a pork chop sandwich... I ate many of these in the 70's - pork chop with bone between two slices of white bread. Everyone else orders the Roast Pork plate with rice or the oxtails.

      2. I grew up in Montana where Pork Chop Johns is a favorite.

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        1. re: bobpantzer

          I don't know it looks like pork tenderloin to me.
          "To maintain a consistently high standard of quality only premium boneless pork sirloin is used in preparing our pork sandwich."

        2. Rhea's Deli on Valencia. Pork Katsu Sandwich

          1. Many years ago I frequented a place in Martinez that specialized in pork chop sandwiches and was neither Asian nor Southern. It was called something like "Phil's Pork Chop Sandwich" and was a few blocks from the courthouse. The sandwiches were tender and flavorful. For all I know it's still there.

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            1. re: charliemyboy

              That was Bud's Pork Chop Sandwich on Main Street....An old fashioned coffee shop that is long long long (30+ years) gone and no replacement of their yummy sandwich anywhere in the Bay Area. The owners used to brag on how they had to strong arm someone in Montana for the recipe.

              1. re: michele_corum

                Ah, yes, "Bud's" it was. Thanks for filling in the correct name. Too bad they're gone, those were really tasty sandwiches.