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Apr 2, 2012 07:08 PM

Questions about Lexington #1 BBQ

Really want to try this on the way from Asheville to Greensboro on a Saturday in April and I have a few questions...

First, if we get there around 1 on Saturday appx how long of a wait can we expect?

And second, we will be traveling with our dog who is behaved in outdoor restaurant settings. Does this place have outdoor seating where he could join us or would we have to get it to-go? And if so can we still eat outside or is there a nice park or sonething nearby where we could go to eat?

And finally, this is the kind of place where you order "outside brown" for the crispier crust near, correct? Any other tips? First time trying Lexington area BBQ. Thanks!

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  1. 1. Who know's?

    2. No

    3. Yes, if that's what you like

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Exactly what I needed to know...thanks! Except for the wait part, which obviously I know no one can know for sure...just didn't know if someone could ballpark it for me based on what is typical at that time. Thanks...

      1. re: miss piggy

        I doubt you'd have a huge wait if you arrive somewhat after the typical lunch hour. It's a good sized place and people move through fairly quickly. And although there's no outside eating area, they do offer "car hop" service if you want to pull up, order, and eat in the car. Ask for extra dip (sauce), although they'll probably give you some automatically.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          Very helpful tip about the carhop service and the extra sauce...thanks! Do they have a menu posted outside or will they bring one out to the car? We've never been so we're not "in the know" of the menu...

          1. re: miss piggy

            Just ask for the menu, they'll bring it - but the only real question here is how do you want youir BBQ, sandwich or plate, and do you want HPs or not. Though they do make a decent HD, and for something different, get a Pork Skin Sandwich with their Red Slaw.

            1. re: fredb2548

              Thanks! Any side choices or recommendations? Definitely want hush puppies! I'm excited!

              1. re: miss piggy

                The only sides they have are slaw, hushpuppies and french fries. Also, as an fyi, their chopped 'q is very finely chopped, which some people don't like. They also have coarse chopped, which is more like chunks, and maybe sliced, if I'm remembering correctly.

                Don't forget to order cobbler for dessert!

                1. re: carolinadawg

                  Oh yes, I remember now about ordering "coarse chopped" here. I think that's what we'll prefer. Good tip on the cobbler too... I think I've got my order ready now!

                  1. re: miss piggy

                    I'm not certain you can get the same outside brown effect with the coarse chopped, though others may have a different experience. I'm not a big fan of the "coarse chopped" as I don't like the texture of the chunks.

                    Generally, you will find that for most places in NC (both Eastern and Lexington styles), the BBQ is rather finely chopped. Those places that do it by hand come up with a better texture than those that use an automated chopper.

                    I have seen a number of places outside the state offer NC-style "pulled pork" but that preparation is not generally found inside NC. It does, however, cause confusion for visitors to the state who expect to find it when they come here.

    2. Be sure to grab a bag of Skins and sauce for them.

      1. I am a big BBQ eater and a former competition BBQ judge, and this place was a huge disappointment for me. Prepare yourself to be profoundly underwhelmed.

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        1. re: UrDaddy

          "Prepare yourself to be profoundly underwhelmed."

          Or not.

          1. re: UrDaddy

            Out of curiousity, are there any BBQ restaurants that you believe produce a product that is as good as what you would get at a competition?

            If so, I would like to see your list.

            1. re: UrDaddy

              hey urdaddy,
              We havent had the opportunity to disagree in quite some time! I hope you have been well and the food has been good.
              Lexington #1 is actually a pretty terrific place, imho. I have been traveling in eastern NC this week, Skylight Inn Ayden for lunch yesterday, B's bbq Greenville for lunch today, AND I am considering a take out from Lexington #1 on the way home. I feel confident that Miss Piggy will be perfectly happy with her experience. I wish she could have the same experience I did when Wayne Monk served me at the "bar" by the register. I had the opportunity to ask him for more dip! Or the time a waitress insisted that I take a free skin sandwich with me, when I asked a gentleman about the sack full he just ordered.
              I love the q, the red slaw, the hush puppies, the dip, the funky old building and the hard to get in and out of parking lot. Is it different than other places? Sure! But a profoundly underwhelming experience may just be singularly yours.
              Sorry it wasnt up to your standards!

              1. re: Tee

                I'm excited to report back with my thoughts...and my husband's, the BBQ connoisseur!

                1. re: miss piggy

                  And now, miss piggy, we are bonded for LIFE. I had red slaw in my Albemarle elementary school. Lex#1 is it.

                  1. re: Sue in Mt P

                    "I had red slaw in my Albemarle elementary school."

                    Someone should have called social services.

                    1. re: Naco

                      ^ LOL

                      I'm an eastern NC guy, and I'm another who just doesn't get the fascination with Lexington #1, and Lexington style in general. I eat the stuff (simply because I'm stuck living in the Piedmont, and the closest better option is about 1 1/2 hours drive away), and it tastes okay, but it can't compare to the real stuff available down east.

                      1. re: arbyunc

                        So what's the "real stuff"? Would love to hear your other recommendations!

                2. re: Tee

                  Tee, it looks like you are having some fun! Maybe I was underwhelmed by Lexington #1 because I was expecting so much - or maybe it was an off day on both of the two days that I ate at Lexington #1, I don't know. I actually sat at the little counter, too, both times. Super nice folks, and it's an institution and a really cool place ... but I wasn't knocked out by the BBQ itself. I thought it was just okay. It was neat to visit a couple of times, but that will do it for me.

                  In North Carolina, both The Pit and Allen and Son were much, much better for me.

              2. Make sure you order some extra coarse chopped outside brown for your dog. I always stopped there when I used to take my hounds to a hunt down in Concord, and they loved the cue. The loved the hush puppies too.

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                1. re: Bob W

                  I can only imagine the look of adoration my sister dog would give me if I fed her chopped bbq.

                  1. Just go there, Miss Piggy , get carry-out if you have to--and be your own judge--I doubt that you'll be disappointed. Lexington ,NC has one BBQ place for every 1,000 people--per capita it is thus the BBQ capital of the world--that didn't happen by accident. And Wayne Monk knows how to do it right. Can't please everybody, but I think you'll be glad you went. Let us know your reaction when you get back.

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                    1. re: KyMikey

                      Thanks! We are going in a few weeks and I'll definitely report back. I'm excited to try it!

                      1. re: miss piggy

                        Strong possibility Lexington will be catering the Champions Dinner before the 2013 Masters

                        1. re: sarge

                          I read in Sports Illustrated that Bubba's wife predicted he'd serve In n Out burgers at next year's Champions Dinner.

                          1. re: carolinadawg

                            Well we went...and we loved it. Definitely worth the detour. Had coarse chopped BBQ with some outside brown mixed in - so tender, juicy, flavorful - some of the best BBQ I've ever eaten. Skipped the generic fries and scarfed down the delicious hush puppies instead. There is also a little park directly across the street which was kind of run-down but was still the perfect spot for us to enjoy our meal at a picnic table and let the dog run around after a few hours in the car. Thanks everyone!

                            1. re: miss piggy

                              Glad you enjoyed it! I can't imagine anyone not. ;-)

                              1. re: miss piggy

                                That's great, Miss Piggy. I am glad you went, and that you liked it.
                                Welcome to the club!