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Apr 2, 2012 06:45 PM

KLP heavy cream?

has anyone seen KLP heavy cream? Not non dairy creamer butvreal dairy cream? I'm in Los Angeles, btw.


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  1. in ny area stop n shop has it.

    1. Can't help you specifically with LA but sometimes store brands have KLP runs I've noticed. This is prime time to check them out.

      1. Since this is usually a regional item best to call local Kashrut agencies for information. Try the RCC.

        A quick Google showed that Hood had it for 2011, but that's not a guarantee they have it for 2012 or that it will be certified everywhere. There's an info number in the link below:

        1. Assuming you hold that all milk is kosher l'Pesach if purchased before Pesach, all commercially available heavy cream that is just cream (milkfat suspended in milk), without stabilizers, should also be kosher l'Pesach if purchased before Pesach, since it is just a direct biproduct of milk production. Many brands have stabilizers added, but many supermarkets have at least 1 brand that is not. And when you get right down to it, why would anyone wantthe agar or carageenan or the other stuff that finds its way into some brands? We don't typically do cream on Pesach (Can't remember ever doing it) largely because we're already gaining a ton of weight, but I would have no qualms.