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Apr 2, 2012 06:22 PM

Place to eat before show at Oakdale Theatre?

Ok I guess I'm dating myself - don't even know what the Oakdale is called now. Need a restaurant on a Saturday night somewhere between West Hartford/Farmington and Wallingford. Any decent suggestions? Not looking for cheap, (so no pizza or steamed cheeseburgers pls) just good, interesting food. Thx

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  1. It's now officially called "Toyota Presents the Oakdale Theater", but everyone (including its website) calls it the Oakdale, just as they have for the past 50+ years.

    For something different, try the Watch Factory Restaurant in the center of Cheshire, about 6 miles (12 minutes) from the theater. It's refined, upscale Austrian cuisine, created by a chef who used to work for Victor Borge before opening his own place 15 years ago. The food is rich and sumptuous, so I wouldn't recommend a steady diet of it, but it's a great treat if you like this style of cooking.

    Reservations are a must on a Saturday evening; give yourself a 2 hour lead time to the theater.

      1. I second Michael's...also around the corner is Half Moon Cafe, Archie Moore's or even Westbrook Lobster down the road, if that's your thing. Oakdale is Oakdale, Meadows is the Meadows, always was, always will be. Nobody can keep up with this branding bullshit.

        1. Thanks everyone. Ended up at Michael's, with friends who work in Wallingford and also recommended it. It was delicious!! Shared the scungilli salad (incredible and all the seafood was done just right) and then had the chicken piccata as my entree (they were nice enough to put it over angel hair pasta, instead of the mashed potatoes that it was supposed to come with.) My only two quibbles (both minor) were that 1: the bread that they served on the table was only so-so, although the olive oil mixture for dipping was really, really good and 2: the place was so noisy that I found myself constantly saying "what?" (I guess that's the price you pay for a lively restaurant, but please Michael, invest in some acoustics and we'll be back more often!) Highly recommend.