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Apr 2, 2012 06:20 PM

Red Fife and/or Einkorn Wheat berries

Does anyone know where I can get either of these? I don't want the flour but the wheat berries as I have my own grinder. I can only ever find the flour.

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  1. Your best bet would be to contact one of the Red Fife growers in Ontario. Sean McGivern of Saugeen Specialty Grains http://www.foodlinkgreybruce.com/inde... and Patricia Hastings of CIPM http://lanarklocalflavour.ca/content/... would be a couple of farmers to start with.

    1. I bought a bag of Red Fife flour just yesterday at Fresh From the Farm on Donlands (I love this store). They had a couple of bags left. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw wheat berries there as well. Also, the Saturday market at the Brick Works had a guy there who sold Red Fife flour, last summer.

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        Thanks, yeah they always seem to have the flour but not the wheatberries. The vendors who sell at the markets probably grind their own flour so I will ask them if they can bring wheatberries for me next time, as well as check the two vendors Tatai mentioned.

      2. Hi Flexitarian, I just came upon this thread because I'm looking to buy einkorn flour and/or grains. Can you tell me where you can find the flour? And have you had any luck finding einkorn grains in Toronto? Thanks!