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Apr 2, 2012 06:08 PM

lactose free yogurt

Hi All, can you keep an eye out for any groceries that are selling dairy based, lactose free yogurt? (St Paul side, especially). Apparently Yoplait, Lactaid , and Green Valley Organics are now making it. Thanks!

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  1. You may have seen the lactose free yoplait without realizIng it. I buy it all the time, and in Canada at least, the only difference in packaging between the regular and lactose free is a red label in one corner of the cardboard wrapper. On the red label are the words "lactose free". It's easy to miss, and we (okay, my husband) have sometimes brought the wrong one home.

    1. Cub sells the Yoplait version. I havent seen the Lactaid version anywhere yet. Cub does have the Lactaid cottage cheese. Whole Foods carries the Green Valley Organics and I believe one other kind.