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Apr 2, 2012 05:39 PM

Passover birthday cake. Not chocolate flour less

I need to make at least 2 cakes for pessach perhaps cupcakes for kids. Please provide suggestions because I will need to do Passover birthdays about every 3 years!

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  1. Are you allowed/willing to use hazelnut, coconut, almond or chestnut flour? I love cakes made with nut flours and egg white for leavening. I would call King Arthur Flour and ask a rep. for suggestions. 802.649.3717, or: fax: 800.343.3002
    email: bakers@kingarthurflour.com
    They are so helpful and resourceful!

    1. Years ago, before I went vegan, I adapted an olive oil cake for passover. It's easy and practically fail proof:
      4 large eggs at room temperature
      1 cup sugar
      3 tablespoons orange juice
      1/2 teaspoon Pesach baking powder
      1/8 tsp salt?
      1 cup cake meal or l/2 cup cake meal and l/2 cup potato starch
      grated zest of one orange
      grated zest of one lemon
      1/4 cup pesach apricot preserves or other topping
      (cake meal alone makes a denser moister cake. the mixture makes a lighter drier cake.
      the denser cake keeps better)

      Preheat oven to 350; Grease sides and bottoms of an 8 in spring form pan. Cut an 8 in circle of parchment or wax paper suitable for Pesach. Place in the bottom of the pan and grease the paper again (I use Passover spray oil)

      In a standing mixer (if available) or with hand held electric mixer, beat the eggs and sugar on high until very light and thick, about 5 minutes. (Don't skimp on beating. The mixture should be a very pale yellow). Reduce the speed to law and add oil, juice, baking powder and salt. Blend in. Then with a slotted spoon or rubber spatula fold in the cake meal and zests.

      Pour into prepared pan. Place the pan on a cookie sheet (in case batter leaks from the spring form. It rarely happens, but why take a chance?) Bake until the top is golden brown and the tester comes out clean, about 50 minutes (depending on your oven) Place on a wire rack (still in the pan)to cool for 30 minutes. Remove cake from the pan, discard paper and place on serving plate. Melt apricot preserves and pour over, or make a topping of your choice.

      This cake worked well for years. You could also make a more birthday style frosting either from the kosher for passover mixes, or by concocting your own substitutes for the confectioner's sugar and shortening or margarine commonly used.

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        This sounds delicious. May give this one a try. I'd go for the denser and moister version. Thanks for sharing.

      2. i know this is blasphemy but i'm just buying my birthday cake this year - prime butcher baker has amazing looking and tasting cakes

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          Sacher torte is easy to make KFP. So is cheesecake.

        2. Angel food? Heavy on the egg whites, but it's what I leap to when I think of Pesach, since the cake meal is fairly minimal in quantity and the bulk is due to the egg whites.

          1. My mother makes a pretty good apple cake on Passover. Might take me a few days but if you are interested I could get the recipe.