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Nov 5, 2002 06:14 PM

South Lake Tahoe? [Long]

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Took last minute trip up to South Lake Tahoe--to test drive new Marriott Timber Lodge Resort. Unfortunately, forgot to check board for tips for dining on the Road to SLT/ Sacto to SLT/Highway 50? IS THERE ANY GOOD UP TO DATE REVIEWS/IDEAS, A LINK ANYWHERE OR DOES ANYONE HAVE SOME GOOD TIPS?? We plan to return soon. As in past trips to Tahoe, visions of a stop at Ikeda's to stock up on breakfast goodies/pie/coffee/snacks, since Marriott stay was in brand new 1 bdrm/bath villa with have fully equipped kitchen-must provide your own salt/pepper, sugar, tea/coffee), fireplace, vcr, washer dryer etc.) and lay low. Forgot Ikeda's located off Highway 80 on way to NORTH Tahoe, not SOUTH. OOPS! Starving, but recalled tip on Apple Hill food, so we pulled off at at Camino turnoff and got apple doughnuts at Apple Hill Farm--greasy, no apple or any taste at all [made Krispy Kremes and esp. Bob's Donuts look great]-big disappointment. So, we continued on Hwy 50 towards SLT with NO food game plan--very unusual for us. Luckily,recalled post about Ernie's on left on Emerald Bay Blvd(by KMart, before you get to the Y/Lake)for breakfast. Old style diner like cafe. Had very good Ernie Scramble (tomatoes, bacon,onions and plenty of cheese) and a Denver Omelette. Home fries were good---but skip cake-like biscuit (saw it go into microwave to heat up). Also, even the specially requested French Roast coffee is not SF standard-strong enough. Instead had hot chocolate (came with big dollop of whipped cream. Pies looked good as did huge burgers and lunch menu. Everyone very friendly. Breakfast around $17. Food went downhill (and not on skis) from there. Tried several restaurants including Broiler Room at Caesar's which had been reco'd for prime rib/steaks---expensive and no way to get in without reservation--ditto Evans. Ended up at one block away from Hotel at Hard Rock for a large Cobb salad and cheeseburger, both very good [we were starving again by then, maybe the altitude?]despite being at rear of VERY SMOKE FILLED (don't they have filter machines in casinos in SLT?) Harveys. Raley's Grocery Store (across street from Marriott)was a lifesaver, so we enjoyed some great "time in" remainder of weekend. Marriott lobby has marketplace deli and Starbucks [overheard "barrista" saying she had just finished her training, since it all just opened 11/1]. Plan to return soon, so any ideas, on SLT area or road up appreciated!! THANKS!!

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    svl (San Francisco)

    How was Timber Lodge? We were thinking of going there for a couple of days.

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      GREAT!! Can't wait to return. Everything spotlessly NEW, staff VERY courteous, friendly and villa kitchens terrific (bring basics--coffee, tea, sugar, salt and pepper, laundry soap)---all appliances brand new blender, coffeepot, toaster, micorwave, cookware, silverware, dishes, washer/dryer and dishwasher (they include dw soap),gas fireplace, 2 TVs with satellite reception and vcr. Smaller side of large Marriott resort with some construction still underway--ask for room away from construction. None on weekend,all windows are doublepaned, so no noise for us. Our unit was 1 Bdrm/1 Bath (large Jacuzzi tub)VILLA (comes with large kitchen, bath with smallish living/dining room and separate bedroom). Room rates w/o kitchen, lr/dr are about $40 less. Would recommend villa---ours had weird living room configuration including "sofa" bed built into window seat, no sofa-so you could sleep 2 adults and 1-2 kids, but would take the 2/2 villa if with another couple. Only stinger is there is valet parking only which costs $16 A DAY!! Good news is no need to use car while there, you are one block to stateline/Harrahs and Harveys and across street from Raleys for supplies. Deli/store and Starbucks in Lobby Marketplace (we didn't use). Looks like resort is heading timeshare, so you may opt to spend 90 minutes getting "sold" and they will give you $100 in casino chips---we didn't do this and there was merely a note in unit about it, no pressure. Overall, great alternative, esp. in ski season since Heavenly tram comes right onto Hotel Property. Other side of resort also Marriott seems to be much higher end, customized larger scale units which go for about $250 up. Timber Lodge is just fine. Right next door to Embassy Suites/Stateline. ENJOY!

    2. OK: We had earlier discussion on apple hill. The pill at High Hill Ranch in Placerville is great! A big piece a la mode and some coffee should get you up the hill.

      In SLT: for upscale dining, nothing beats Llewellyn's at the top of Harveys. Great view, food isn't bad. I love their Sunday brunch (order an entree and then eat off the buffet of shrimp, crab legs, salads, desserts, breads, fruit, etc).....lots of champagne; great view (did I mention the view?).

      There is a breakfast place, the Red something (red waffle? red rooster? red house? Help me out folks!) about half-way down the main drag between the casinos and the "y" that has great breakfasts, omelettes and the like. Its on the north side of the street. Look for a little house with a crowded parking lot.

      Fresh Ketch is good, in the Tahoe Keys. (at the Marina).

      I don't live in Tahoe; maybe some locals can help me out (husband used to live there, but that was years ago.....)

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        The breakfast place is called Red Hut. There are actually 2 locations. The one on Highway 50 as previously mentioned, and another on Kingsbury Grade. The Kingbury location is newer and generally less crowded.

        1. The buffet at Harrah's is the best rib, great asian food. filet mignon (bacon wrapped!!!), gourmet food all the way around. The Friday seafood buffet is incredible. fresh shrimps,crab legs etc...all fresh and prepared with care. We just came from Vegas and the best buffets there did not measure up to Harrah's Lake Tahoe. the Reno location is not nearly as good.

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            THANKS! Next time! Never imagined any buffet was worthwhile--based on your comments, we will give it a try!

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            Marc Wallace

            I really enjoyed the Tudor Pub, and the Dory's Oar downstairs looked good as well. Attached is a link to my recent trip there (look near the bottom for the one South Tahoe place)