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Apr 2, 2012 04:47 PM

Peanut Butter Coated Pretzels - Where to find?

I used to buy peanut butter covered pretzels from Planet Organic in Port Credit, from their bulk section, but they no longer carry them as of about a month ago. Anyone see these in the West Toronto/Mississauga area? I'd even go North Toronto or downtown to find them, or order online. I'm not looking for the peanut butter filled square ones that Costco and Loblaw have - these ones were like mini pretzels that were coated in peanut butter.



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  1. Are you looking for peanut butter and chocolate or just peanut butter?

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    1. I hesitate to suggest this site because it has so many insanely delicious snacking foods that some days I only eat stuff from them and no meal, but NUTS.COM does ship to Canada. I recommend the chocolate-covered sunflower seeds - they're such a great combo that I'd never heard of before going to their site. They have everything! I have been very pleased with their service, selection and prices. I can't believe I used to purchase some of this stuff from Dean and Deluca for 10x the price!

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        OMG!! Someone tear me away from this site!

        Thanks, AeroDoe, awesome site!

        I also found them at iHerb, and - doesn't ship to Canada, but iHerb's shipping was super cheap and incredibly fast!

        Next, I'll try :o)