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Apr 2, 2012 04:42 PM

Lao Wang Noodle House....

Sorry to post this way but I couldn't reply to the Dan Dan noodle thread below. I was at Lao Wang last Saturday ( and Wednesday as well) and they were definitely open. They are closed on Mondays so maybe you just hit them today when they were closed.

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  1. As I posted in the other thread, Westword followed up and the rumor of closure isn't true.

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    1. re: monopod

      When you were at Lao Wang Noodle House (945 S. Federal Blvd., Denver, tel. 303-975-2497) did you see The Ancient Chinese Couple working there/running the place?

      1. re: aledm

        Yes, last time I was there they were still running it and according to the westword article they're still there. I don't think it will last after they decide to stop, but at present they're still apparently going strong.

    2. I am happy to report business as usual today, Had dan dan noodles, fiery cabbage appetizer and
      one of the son's beers. They appeared to be in good health.