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Best Pizza in Fort Washington/Ambler/Springhouse/Dresher

I am looking for the BEST pizza in this area. I have yet to have a pizza in this area that I really loved.

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  1. What are you looking for in a pizza? What is your definition of a good pizza?

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      The best that I've found so far is the margherita at Trevi in Glenside, but I'd really like to know if there is better in the burbs.

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        Crispy & thin crust.
        Good quality mozzarella & a flavorful sauce.

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            Given that definition, have you tried the pizza at De Terra? Not exactly a pizza restaurant, but they do have to thinnest crispiest, and most creative pizza in the areas you mention. Slightly outside of those areas I can recommend Bacco in North Wales. Fits your description perfectly.

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              If you don't mind a few minutes of extra drive time, Olce in Cedars (Skippack Pike north of Valley Forge Rd.) has my stamp of approval. Thin, crispy crust and a range of topping choices that earned a "Best of Philly" award. My fave is the shrimp scampi.

          2. Try Arpeggio in Springhouse. Great wood-fired pizzas for me and great seafood for my DCs.


            I love their Margarita, but be forewarned: their pepperoni is both spicy and very greasy. The white pizza with spinach is addictive.

            1. I second Trevi. I've only been there once (last week) and am planning to go back after I finish typing this. Excellent thin crust, crispy pizza. I tried the margherita and can't wait to expand my horizons there. I've heard the four cheese is amazing.
              Also, I love the pizza at Massa in Ambler. I've tried several varieties that my companions have ordered, all delicious, but I'm completely addicted to the prosciutto pizza. White with arugula, prosciutto, garlic, super crispy and so delicious!
              Both spots are BYO :)

              1. I'll second Arpeggio and Massa. Arpeggio is my favorite, they also offer a whole wheat crust option which is great. I'll also add Il Gioradino in Springhouse to the mix.

                Alot of people love pizza at Fireside as well. I like it (dont love it) but its another one you may want to try.

                Trevi and Olce are on my list to try, I have heard great things about both.

                1. I'd rank my favs as Arpeggio (really like the Margerita), Olce (like the spinach and the mushroom), Massa (no favorite, just like what I've had there). I don't like Bacco because I'm not a big fan of pizza with a coal taste. Haven't been to Trevi, but it's on my wish list.

                  1. I would suggest that you try Mina’s Cucina Rustica in on Bethlehem Pike in Springhouse. Some of the pizza’s, not all of them, have fresh mozzerella, you need to ask which ones, and they are outstanding. As a suggestion Mina’s is a little unusual because it is primarily a restaurant. One of the things that I like about it is that the toppings are first rate; no inexpensive meats or cheeses. Also, the olive oil is Coluccio and it adds a nice richness when sprinkled on the pizza.

                    I also like Arpeggio but was pretty turned off twice recently when I asked for Parmigiano cheese and it was possibly domestic but definitely cheap and tasteless, certainly not Reggiano. However, the crust is very good and I still kind of like their pizza.