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authentic italian in BK

hi all -

i was hoping you could give me some suggestions for an authentic italian restauran in BK - for dinner. i live in the park slope area but am not opposed to traveling if it's worth it.

ambience, not too big of a deal for me.
just looking for amazing TRUE italian food. not, italian-american food.
if it's owned by italians - from italy - and the staff speak italian, all the better.

the only place in my area that i know of (but have yet to try) is al di la... good choice?
any other recs are welcomed!

thanks in advance!

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  1. al di la is excellent. definitely worth a try.

    people also seem to like locanda vini e olii in clinton hill. I believe it is run by Italians and the menu is very authentic-looking, but I personally haven't made it there yet.

    I'm sure there are others, but can't think of any at the moment.

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      Queen on Court St. Second al di la (Venetian) and Locanda vini e olii (Tuscan). Also Fedinando's (Sicilian) and Joe's of Avenue U (Sicilian)

    2. Aliseo Osteria del Borgo and Pizzeria Amorina, both on Vanderbilt Ave in Prospect Heights, are owned by a chef from the Marche, and both present cuisine that is recognizably italian. Good small selection of regional wines too, at Aliseo.

      1. Baci and abbracci in Williamsburg

        1. In addition to those already mentioned, I would add Catania Cafe on Atlantic. No ambience whatsoever, but the food is fantastic. Siclian style I believe. Get the sardines.

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              Can you say more about Va Beh (Dean St. between Flatbush and 5th Ave) - Id love to see a report on it.

            2. Locandi is wonderful. In Park Slope there is Provini on 8th avenue. Italian owned and managed. All of the employees speak Italian.Can't vouch for their food, but the wine list is nice.

              1. Thanks all - apologies for the delayed response. My visitor will be here in a couple weeks and I'm go to do some research on all of your great suggestions and report back!

                Thanks again!

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                  This place is excellent. Been there since 1930. If you take the N train to the Bay Parkway stop and leave the station at the Avenue O exit, it's two blocks to the left.


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                    rice ball, lasagna with meatballs, eggplant capanota, pasta with sardine and fennel, at Joe's of Avenue of U

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                      Try Piattini's in Bay Ridge. Sicilian food, very good. Very authentic.

                2. The real sleeper in the Slope is Piccoli Bistro on 6th Avenue & 14th Street, which turned a previously awkward and technicolored sludge Indian restaurant into a neighborhood gem.

                  Known for their risottos, I can also recommend the fresh-grilled calamari plate and hand-made pastas (think it was short rib ragou). Hosts are accommodating and prices reasonable. There is also a sister place on Prospect Park Southwest & Vanderbilt serving a "to-go" menu.