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Mar 30, 2012 08:05 PM

Toronto Life Reviews [split thread]

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Another reason I no longer pay any serious attention to Toronto Life reviews!!

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  1. I have lost alot of respect for TL and many restaurant critics in Toronto in General. Joanne kates, Amy Pataki etc, It's all about trends with all of them from what I see. All the love for your truly is because one likes them and it becomes cool. I am so tired of hearing about like they say in the beginning of the TL review, chef worked at per se, noma, alinea. Industry folks know how easy it is to get into places to do a staige. Anyone who goes to culinary school can do it. I have lived in many major cities in Canada and to my suprise the reviews here are suprisingly bad, Take kates for example, with her list, I know as a fact she hasn't been into some of the restaurants in the past year, yet she still ranks them. I have been to Acadia and your truly, and while acadia wasn't perfect it is for sure better then yours truly.

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      I am just curious how you know as a FACT that Kates hasn't been to not one, but several places she listed? I am no fan of hers but I am very impressed with you for knowing this. Are you her driver?

      1. re: justsayn

        I was also about to comment on that remark. It seemed a little questionable.

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          How I know this is because I am in the industry. Most restaurants with very experienced FOH staff and with seatings of 90% and over reservations know their clients, especially the faces of food critics, and their has been restaurants, I only know of two to be exact on that list that have wanted her to come in last year to do a new review, and she did not. Another simple way to tell is her reviews for some restaurants are the exact same as the year before, and even some of the info, such as chefs name or sous chef name is wrong.

          1. re: kookin

            Maybe that's why her reviews for many places differ greatly from reality. I remember going to a few places that she wrote up and had an experience completely different from what she wrote up. One thing I noticed is that when she mentions what her meal cost, I have never come even close when ordering a similar meal. The prices she mentions always seem to be at least 35% low. For example, the meal at Alice's Restaurant that she mentions here was around $100 all in, we spent around $180 and didn't order anything special. (the food wasn't anything special either) I didn't want to say so when the place was open but now I can. I've found many other cases where she praises a restaurant, so I go and check it out 2 to 4 weeks later, and have to wonder what she was smoking. So maybe she just smoked something and wrote a bit of fiction - something I never considered as a possibility earlier.