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Apr 2, 2012 01:09 PM

Doctoring Nilla mini cheesecakes

This looks like a quick and dirty good standard recipe. Anyone done anything creative with it?

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  1. Sink a brandied cherry in there!!

    1. I haven't actually made this recipe but it's an old one. I think I cut it out from a magazine when my son was a toddler...he's now 25. I think the only variable would be to flavor the cheesecake filling or use different flavors of the pie fillings. But heck yeah, it definitely looks easy.

      1. This was one of my favorite recipes from my mom. One variation is to do an Oreo cookie on the bottom instead.

        1. You could flavor the cheesecake with key lime juice maybe instead of the vanilla. Then put a raspberry and some raspberry sauce around it or you could make a chunky raspberry sauce thickened with cornstarch.

          I think you could definitely put a little cherry brandy in the pie filling. You could use strawberry pie filling or chunky strawberry sauce.

          You could even drizzle some chocolate ganache onto them. Maybe put some coconut in the cheesecake and after putting down a layer of chocolate ganache lay a toasted almond on top....Almond Joy cheesecakes!
          Ooh! you could even flavor the ganache with some Ameretto.

          1. Take kattyeyes stuffed berries suggestion with the blueberry stuffed inside a raspberry and cover the top of each mini cheesecake with a few.