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Apr 2, 2012 12:58 PM

Best Fish and Chips - Mississauga

Figured this needed and update as we enter the big Fish & Chips week. Any suggestions would be appreciated - preferably Halibut.

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  1. We love Fisherman's Place in Mississauga when we are in the area.

    3105 Unity Dr Streetsville, ON L5L 4L2
    (905) 820-7697

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    1. re: girlstar

      Cooksville Fish and Chips are excellent. Just east of Hurontario, north side of Dundas. Two halibut with fries and a large slaw for $20.00.

      1. re: girlstar

        +1 for Fishermans Place. We like it there when we are in that area

      2. Oakville Fish & Chips
        109 Maurice Drive, (905) 844-2612
        Very good fish & chips and also have a decent size sittiing area and serve pints.
        Clarkson Fish & chips
        1848 Lakeshore Rd W, (905) 823-4151
        Another good choice but get very busy on fish fridays. Good coleslaw as well, not bad size sitting area.
        Country Fish & Chips
        293 Lakeshore Road East, (905) 278-8201
        Another good choice in Mississauga, good food and price also.

        1. Haven't been for some time but Queen's in Streetsville did halibut nicely.

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          1. re: Kagemusha

            Thanks MiniMom. Kagemusha - there was one I enjoyed in Streetsville as well, very small seating area and was next door to an Italian restaurant. Wonder if it's the same one.

              1. re: Kagemusha

                Queen's at 131 Queen St. S. just doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be. The fish is acceptable, however the fries just aren't like they used to be. Now they are "short cuts", mostly one to two inches in length. I know you get more potato that way, but they are not as enjoyable.

                1. re: iamafoodie

                  Think it changed hands about a year ago.

          2. Helens fish and chips on lakeshore and credit river behind star bucks.Not much parking because of starbucks.
            Mimi's fish and chips in brampton ,just expanded.Haven't been there since they expanded.
            On hurontario between pizza pizza plaza and metro plaza,small plaza south side of the traffic light.

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            1. re: ninja5ca

              I tried Mimi's out on Friday evening and was impressed. The haddock was so genuine that it still had some bones in it :-)

              Fries were well-done (dark and crispy) which is the way I like them.

              I'd go back but not before I try Heritage first.

            2. It isn't very glamorous, but Applewood Fish & Chips at 1020 Burnhamthorpe Road East is really dependable and tasty. Family service is great also.

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              1. re: stephen

                @Stephen - ITA - we used to go once a week before we moved. It was always excellent, and their family pack used to feed the 5 of us for a great price. I imagine it's a bit more expensive now.
                @girlstar - see above - once we moved, The Fisherman's Place became my next favourite. Always good sized portions, and the folks were very friendly.

                I now live in a 3rd Mississauga location (don't ask), and I frequent Homestyle Fish and Chip, which is at Creditview and Eglinton. They have lunch specials and the Basa and Chips is about $4. Good size portion of chips as well.

                1. re: Evenshorter

                  @Evenshorter - - Have to agree with Homestyle Fish and Chip at Creditview/Eglinton. Not even kidding, just seeing this thread come up is enough to make me go there for dinner tonight. Halibut is always fresh, flaky and perfectly cooked. "Chips" are always consistent. Service is fast and good. Honestly can say I've never had a bad meal here!

                  1. re: Evenshorter

                    Thankfully we don't live nearby or we'd eat this way more than we should lol. It's a great place and a great treat when we're out that way. The fish is always very light, and good portions like you said and service. The homestyle lemonade is nice too.