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Kingyo Izakaya

My favourite izakaya in Vancouver, Kingyo, is looking to open a slot here:


Sure, it's early, but just getting it out there. I like their food way more than Guu (but Guu is generally a more fun vibe).

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  1. There it is. Can't wait for them to open.

    The next little bit, Toronto will see an influx of Japanese restaurants of all kinds. I'm betting that they'll be in the double digits and I couldn't be happier.

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    1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

      Yes. They've been looking for many months!

      1. re: justsayn

        one word...."ramen"

        wait for it!

        1. So excited. Kingyo plus Santouka means I can put off a Vancouver trip almost indefinitely.

          1. So excited! hurrah to more vancouver restaurants making their way over to Toronto... pray we get De Dutch ONE DAY

              1. re: Wench Foraday

                so far so far :( but i'm elated nonetheless.

                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                  It's something to look forward to as winter begins (ugh).

              2. Definitely looking forward to this. Enjoyed Kingyo a lot last time we were in Vancouver.

                1. I believe they are days from opening now, they had their soft opening last night

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                  1. re: Bobby Wham

                    My life will be complete! Very excited.

                  2. kingyo toronto has opened, this weekend is soft opening, monday is official opening day

                    1. kingyo toronto is opening monday Dec 17, and Zakkushi from vancouver also opening within 1 week in cabbagetown in toronto, close by each other.

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                      1. re: takashi

                        a bit off topic, but do you know if Zakkushi will be open this weekend and if they take reservations?

                        1. re: bernardtkchan

                          they may have soft opening this weekend

                          1. re: takashi

                            I just called and was told that they are still going through health inspections this week and are aiming for late next week / new year

                      2. have anyone gone yet? I want to know how it is compared to the Vancouver location

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                        1. re: Panda3035

                          it's awesome! Mostly the same menu!

                        2. Has anyone been since opening?

                          Can anyone confirm if there are line-ups the like there were at Guu originally or at (the horror) Santouka?

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                          1. re: mnajji

                            I was there tonight. Food was great and there where no line-ups.

                            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                              We were there Friday, no lineups. Large space (seems quite a bit bigger than Vancouver), food/menu very similar to Vancouver - love the yellow tail carpaccio, sweet shrimp sashimi, uni and their ramen is pretty good too. Service was very friendly.

                              1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

                                Nice, thanks a bunch. Will definitely go next Friday then. Will probably make a reservation because... well why not if they accept them?

                              2. re: mnajji

                                Went there last night and there were no lineups... Arrived at 7:30 and actually, it was quite empty save for a few tables (I had made a reservation anyway)

                              3. Went last night and really enjoyed it. Photos of a lot of the dishes here:


                                1. After reading so many thumbs-up review about Kingyo's GTA's best 'Spicy Pork TanTan Ramen', I decided to make a special trip to try it out. The verdict! Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Such noodle perfection! Super al dente ramen strands with rich, complex and amazingly flavourful broth. My trip from way up north was not in vain!

                                  In addition, our party must have ordered all the 'unhealthy' fried and carbohydrate laden dishes on the menu. They include:
                                  - Raw Tako Wasabi
                                  - Kaichan's Chicken Wings
                                  - O-Sho Restaurant Karaage
                                  - Ebi Mayo
                                  - Grilled Snow Crab Legs with spicy cod roe mayo
                                  - Stone Bowl Seafood and Uni Don
                                  - Kimuchi and spicy Mantaiko cod roe flavor Udon
                                  - Pork Tan Tan Noodles
                                  - 2 Flavor Almond Tofu Dessert
                                  - Creme Brulee
                                  - Frozen Grapes

                                  Most of the dishes i believe had already been covered by fellow chowhounders in previous postings. However, I just wanted to point out, IMO, the 'Stone bowl seafood,Uni Don' was over-rated and sub-par with the melted butter over powering all the delicate seafood ingredients! As well, contrary to most opinion, I found the chicken wings way more tasty than the overly thick battered Karaage. Lastly, at half the price of Bar Isabel's King Crab Legs, Kingyo's Snow Crab Legs were much fresher and flavourful than Isabel's 'mushy meat' offering!

                                  BTW, of all my years of dining experience, Kingyo is the first and only eating establishments that uses 'Porno Magazines' as decoration in the Men's Washroom!! Cool!!!! Ha!!!!

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                                    1. re: Charles Yu

                                      I like both the wings and the karaage, but prefer the wings. they are delicious.

                                      Haven't had the tan tan ramen or the crab legs (a special I guess). time for another visit!

                                      1. re: grandgourmand

                                        IMHO, the TanTan noodle plus the chicken wings alone are worth a trip!