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Apr 2, 2012 12:25 PM

Dining Help-Downtown Near Spring Hill Suites on Dearborn

Some buddies (Ages 28-30) and I will be out in a few weeks. We are looking for great "locals" restaurants to eat at. It can be fancy or not and we love all kinds of food (i know it's broad) but just tell us where the "must eats" are near the Spring Hill Suites hotel in Downtown?

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  1. There is definitely many choices in the area all within walking distance - you have the Rick Bayless group of restaurants Xoco, Frontera Grill and Topolambompo - all excellent listed in order of price low to high - you are neat Pizzaria Uno and its sister restaurant Pizzaria Sue the birth place of Chicago style pizza as well purveyors of the variants including Lou Malnatis, Pizzano's, Ginos Eats, Giordanos and Bacinos all excellent,

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      Thank you! Much appreciated. I know we have UNO on the docket for certain.

    2. We usually stay about two blocks away from there and have enjoyed:
      Purple Pig
      GT Fish and Oyster
      Do-Rite Doughnuts (weekdays)
      Sable (for cocktails and light bites)
      Frontera Grill

      See also:

      Is it possible to eat well downtown?

      Unique restaurants downtown:

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        If you really want to go where locals go, I'd recommend taking a train or cab ride out of downtown to neighborhoods such as Logan Square, Pilsen, Little Italy, Bridgeport, Lincoln Square, and Andersonville. Sure we love many of the places mentioned in River North, the Mag Mile, and the West Loop, but Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and I believe the best way to experience the city and the food is to get out and see them.

      2. I imagine that the demographic you speak of would want a good Chicago steakhouse in the mix.
        Try Chicago Cut, very convenient to your location:
        Other restaurants not too far away:
        Graham Elliot
        Coco Pazzo