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Apr 2, 2012 12:05 PM

Looking for great Korean fried chicken duing our visit

We'll be in town this Saturday and would like to try some great Korean-style fried chicken for lunch--a first for us! Any suggestions?

We'll be in the MoMA & Time Square area, but are willing to drive a bit further.


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  1. Try Mad For Chicken on Fifth Avenue between 31st and 32nd Street. I think it's better than Bonchon or Kyochon

      1. re: thegforceny

        Sounds great, we'll give it a try.

      2. Another thumbs up for Mad for Chicken. It can be a little hard to find, as it's upstairs and not well marked.

          1. Unfortunately, Mad for Chicken was not open for lunch on Saturday, despite what their website clearly says (which is pretty lame--if you have a fancy-smancy website, you could at least keep it up to date).

            So went to the nearby Bon Chon in K-town instead. My companions loved their first taste of KFC, but I noticed that the spicy was much less so than the Bon Chon I've had in Boston. In fact it was so unspicy, I couldn't really say it was much different from the garlic and soy version.

            It's interesting how each of these restaurants are so different from each other. I guess franchises have a lot of flexibility.

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            1. re: ftarazu

              It looks like that location may have closed. Does anyone know for sure?