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Apr 2, 2012 11:36 AM

This is CRAZY, but my dishwasher will not CLOSE. HELP!

I am pretty good mechanically, but I caNNOT figure out why my dishwasher door will not close.

The trays are fully back. the door seems to be in the same spot (no wiggle). doesn't seem to be any issue with the hinges. really, it seems to be all about the abutment issue (see next comment).

BUT, it seems like the reason that the door won't close is because there is an attached tray on the front (WHICH NEVER PRESENTED A PROBLEM BEFORE) hits up against the door. adjust the top tray up or down doesn't matter. and the gap seems to be getting larger. this is NUTS!

kenmore. (edit….gap now about 4").

I know that this is a very, very strange request.

I am totally flummoxed!

Any thoughts will be so appreciated, or else, we have to get a new dishwasher.

PS, the last time we used the dishwashwer, we noticed some leakage from the bottom left edge of the door. BUT, the door still closed after that…now it won't close at all. (help on that leakage issue would be welcome, too). if we could address the leak and the door, well……we're back on track. but this is bizarre. i could probably deal with the leak, but now this issue is ramping it up to "NO GO." i want to be thrifty. i NEED your advice, help…..i am going nuts trying to figure this out!

AGAIN, totally weird, and totally an outlier issue.

edit: i have no idea what model kenmore this is…probably 2004 vintage. i know it is old, but it was working fine. (except for that leaking issue, which i felt i could deal with. maybe i just have to suck it up and get a new one…BUT ….But… can I save it? somehow?).

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  1. I'm not what an "attached tray on the front" is, but can you remove it and see if that solves the problem? Is there something stuck in the hinges? Can you get on the floor and look at the bottom of the D/W to see it something got wedged in? With the leakage issue perhaps a seal has come loose and is now in a position to block the door. Can the door be lifted at all--partially closed?

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    1. re: gourmanda

      the door cannot be lifted. it doesn't seem to be "iffy."

      the tray has never been an issue before, but i cannot remove it.

      the door closes all the way up until it hits that tray. right now, it is about a 4 inch gap! ( weird thing, it has gotten larger -- began as like 2 inches).

      i really don't think there is anything on the floor.
      NEVER seen anything stranger!

      ps gourmanda, thank you!

      1. re: alkapal

        Not on the floor. You get on the floor and look all around the bottom of the D/W door. And I don't understand what you mean by "door cannot be lifted. the door closes all the way up until it hits that tray." That seems to contradict each other.

        1. re: gourmanda

          the door is not wiggly -- ie, it is not seeming to be any problem with the attachment issues.

    2. Okay...this advice is coming from someone who is completely, totally, technically inept....but I have had this problem before, and in my case, I needed to mostly close the door, grab the top of it, and haul it upward a bit...the door had sagged just enough that it had thrown it out of wasn't very hard for me to figure out that the problem was with the door since a child had just STOOD on the damn thing. It may not work for you, since I"m sure there are not only a million other possible solutions (including a much more refined version of yanking on the door, something like 'remove and reposition the striker plate), but giving the door a bit of an upward yank is going to take you three seconds, so maybe try it? I didn't yank hard enough to lift the washer, or, god forbid, break it. The only other time I've had trouble with the door closing is when it got opened mid-cycle, and in that case I just had to turn the knob back to 'start'...that happens fairly often, but I assume you've tried that already?

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      1. re: tonifi

        thanks tonifi, and i tried that idea, thinking there is some misalignment.
        just tried your tip. no go. hence my craziness!

      2. What part of the top tray is that extra utensil tray attached to? This has happened to me before and I had it on the wrong coated wire on the front of the top tray. It's not noticeable... until it happens. I've removed it or otherwise taken it off, and accidentally put it back on the wrong one.
        If it's not that, then call Sears.

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        1. re: wyogal

          wyogal, this tray has been there forever.

          1. re: alkapal

            so it hasn't come off at all and placed back on since you last closed the door?

            1. re: wyogal

              it will not come off.

              mr. alka thinks i am nuts. which maybe i am.

        2. got down on the floor and looked around.

          nothing out of the ordinary.

          there is ls a little section (4")"base" that is not attached to the door. it is basically part of the bottom but not part of the door. underneath the door. no issues there, as far as i can see.

          i appreciate your help. this is strange, and i just am flummoxed, as i said.

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          1. re: alkapal

            first, your dishwasher is not balance, need a lever to check is it level, it should not leak cause it is not balance.
            Second, about ur door, refer back to manufacturer parts detail, ther might be a missing parts

            1. re: alkapal

              This might seem like out in left field! But I have an idea, call the manufacturer or Sears. I'm sure this is not the first time this has happened and either one or the other may have a better idea then the old 'shot in the dark' opinions read here.

            2. In my dishwasher - some of the trays are on rails and pull out - are you SURE that there is nothing stuck behind the movable trays that is keeping them from moving ALL the way back?