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Apr 2, 2012 10:45 AM

Help needed for choice of signature cocktail-

We are planning a brunch on board a motorboat cruise for husband's birthday this June with 65 guests. The caterer is open to input and has suggested Dark and Stormy-iced rum and ginger beer and Tequila with grapefruit juice and bitters. My husband does not like spicy drinks so Bloody Mary's are out. Any thoughts for a boat worthy cocktail which would be somewhat novel and attractive to serve? In addition to the one cocktail, we will be serving white and red wine, champagne, lemonade and iced tea. Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. I think we need more info to be helpful. What are some of your husbands favorite spirits and flavors? Does he like sweet things? Bitter things? Sour things? What drinks *does* he like? Is he adventurous or conservative in his beverage selection? Is your caterer willing to squeeze fresh juice? Expected temperature (if you will be out on deck)?

    If you are so inclined, there are people who will consult with you for a fee to design a signature cocktail. One is:

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      That was one shot on per flute not on. I see a few other spelling errors but you'll get the idea

      1. I had a spur of the moment drop in on a weekend and wanted to make us some drinks. I had champagne that never got opened at another party and thought how can I stretch this for everyone? Looked in my pantry to find a bottle of peach schnapps and knew I had oj. Mixed the bottle of champsgne with the scnapps and orange juice. Freaking good!! I called them fuzzy mimosas
        Fuzzy Mimosas
        1 bottle of champagne
        Half shot peach shnapps per flute
        1 shot on per flute
        Top off with champagne.
        Slash of Grenadine poured over the back of a spoon to let it swirl in as if you pour it straight in it sinks straight to the bottom and it really is just in this drink for effect rather than flavor.

        Hope that sounds tasty for you. Simple, not to boozy and pretty. Sounds like it hit the criteria you mentioned. And not spicy for the hubby. Have a great ans safe time.

        1. I would take the grapefruit juice on a different tact, and serve a version of Hemingway daiquiris. There are a few different recipes out there, but it's basically fresh grapefruit and lime juices with light rum. I leave out the maraschino liqueur (different from maraschino brine), and serve them on the rocks in a tall glass with a bit of seltzer water. Doubles are supposedly named 'Papa Dobles'.

          Guests seem to like these a lot, since I squeeze fresh juice for them. I like Bobby Flay's version the best, since it has a higher volume of grapefruit juice than most:

          You could add any colorful complimentary liqueur if you want, to make it your own signature drink.

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            I like Bobby Flay, but that recipe illustrates why chefs should stay in front of the bar. A 6.5oz drink before ice melt? So maybe 9-10oz n a cocktail glass? With a distorted fraction of juice.

            If you like that version, I bet you'll love a version from a cocktail expert, such as from Jim Meehan's (excellent) PDT Cocktail book:

            Hemingway Daiquiri
            by Bar La Florida

            2 oz Light rum
            3/4 oz Lime juice
            1/2 oz Maraschino Liqueur
            1/2 oz Grapefruit juice
            1 sli Lime (as garnish)

            Shake, strain, straight up, coupe, garnish.

            I made this recently for guests, using Mehkong "whiskey", a type of Thai rum. It went over quite well, despite the funky Mehkong and the Maraschino.

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          2. Umm, cocktails on a grand scale can be tricky, especially on a moving vessel. I would recommend punch service. Punch is something that has seen a resurgence and was very common before prohibition. A nice punch bowl and ladle would be much easier to serve up than a cocktail shaker and glasses. You can make it before and just put it over a large block of ice in a bowl. Below are a recipe from cocktail historian David Wondrich and one from the Ministry of Rum, the definitive rum resource online. A day on a boat simply begs for a glass full of rum.




              The Pina Colada Recipe is the best I have ever tasted and am constantly asked to make it when guests come over

              I up it one shot for the guys - and cruzan white rum works great in it, which is inexpensive, although the mixers for it are not what i woul call cheap for it on a grand scale - just make sure to use coco lopez ONLY for the cream of coconut unless you want a horrible drink

              but everyone will remember the best pina colada they ever had - it is a bit heavier of a drink so if you choose that drink i would go with a lighter drink

              but pina colada to me is a beach / pool / boat drink

              the garnish isnt that important but the dusted nutmeg on top is a nice scent / element for that first drink