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Apr 2, 2012 10:19 AM

Ladies' Luncheon/Tea

My daughter is getting married next year. Her grandmother would like to host a luncheon/tea for the bridal party and I'm tasked with finding the best place! When I got married, my aunt hosted something similar at the Neiman Marcus Tearoom (on the top floor of the NM store in downtown Dallas). So that's what they're hoping I'll find!

I read the threads about high tea, and while the Four Seasons sounds LOVELY, the idea of being in the lobby is not what we're looking for.
We'd really like to be in Austin, but we could go north to Georgetown for the perfect place.

Any ideas? Does such a place exist here??

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  1. Don't discount the Four Seasons. We had a bridal luncheon there for my sister-in-law and we were in a small private room. I am sure they could do the same for you and provide whatever you would like in terms of food/drink. They even prepared some kid-friendly fare for my daughter! I don't remember the menu since it was over 5 years ago, but I remember we all enjoyed it!

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      do a search a woman asked this question a month or two ago.

    2. I strongly second the four seasons. Some of the most beautiful landscaping in smack downtown austin. Depending on the time of year, you can do an outdoor thing and you'll love it. I'd not risk doing it much later than April though outside. Another idea could be green pastures, they have a lovely room off the main banquet room that's all windows on one side looking out into their lovely garden area. really pretty.

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        Green Pastures would be an awesome venue for that. Love the peacocks strutting around the yard under the rolling live oak trees

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          I didn't add, Amy, it might be cheaper than four seasons too, you think?

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            Depending on the size of the group, probably. They will also work with you to customize menu/prices.
            Their brunch is a lot of fun too though I think it's about $40/person but has everything you can imagine choice wise.

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                Are you saying that the Four Seasons is first rate? or were you talking about somewhere else?

        2. Thanks so much for all the replies and ideas. Just to streamline things (sorry, I'm just that way! ha!) I did go back and look up some of the past suggestions. Here's what I've found:

          Hillside Farmacy just opened in March and looks adorable. Not what we're looking for, but I definitely want to try it! Their website is weird so I found them on Facebook:
          and this review:

          The Monkey Nest sounds like a fun place to stop by, but again, probably too casual.

          The Tea Embassy only offers High Tea occasionally throughout the year. So it's possible, if our dates coincided.

          Green Pastures
          looks beautiful, but seems a little more oriented to catering, weddings, etc. Seems to be too big of a deal for 8 people.

          Full English looks good. More modern art & Brit/Punk

          Zhi Tea
          Very casual. Advertises that you can bring your dog. Fun for a Saturday morning, but probably not what we're looking for.

          So there are lots of great places to check out!!! Thanks!!

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            green pastures is a restaurant, i'm sure they wouldn't mind a party of 8.

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              If you want Austin elegance at its best, for me it's either green pastures or four seasons. The new grand hotels (The W for example) may be options, I just haven't checked those out. But the W doesn't have a garden that I know of and the Season's garden is lakeside and pristine. If you had tea out there it would be quite memorable I'm sure.

            2. Suepatt i missed your brunch question but the Sunday brunch at both green pastures and four seasons are superb but not cheap. 40 - 50 per person but so very worth it for special occasions

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              1. re: slowcoooked

                We have a little time, so we'll be able to check out everything. :)
                And, we're extremely fortunate to have a grandmother that wants the girls to "experience elegance" in spite of a quite Austin-ish upbringing. ;) It will be fun.
                I may come back and report in, as we try different places. It would be good to have the info all in one place.

                Thanks for all the tips & suggestions!!! :)

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