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Apr 2, 2012 10:18 AM

Moderately priced Passover wines in Boston area

Looking for a recommendation of where to find moderately priced Passover wines in the Boston area (and if you have particular wines to recommend, I'll take that, too!). Anyone know if Costco is Waltham has any Passover wines?

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  1. If you want a quest that might not result in what you are looking for, you could check out Violette Wine Cellars (same building as Sofra). I bought a couple of kosher wines from him (Richard) to attend seders in the past -- one he imported, another I think he just stocked. Its not bargain basement pricing, but unique product (focused on biodynamic and organic wines before it was common) and he doesn't focus on expensive wines. Assuming you find him open, you'll get an entertaining opinion even if you leave empty handed.

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      Thanks. I'm actually driving from Cambridge to Belmont this afternoon, so it's perfectly convenient to see if I can catch him!

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        No luck at Violette. Richard says he does not carry kosher wines.

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          Sorry for the bum steer, he has only a small fraction of the retail space he had before, so I had a feeling you might go away empty handed. No other offhand suggestions so I'll leave it to more capable chowhounds to jump in. (I have bought some inexpensive Israeli wine in East Somerville sort of new world style, but not Kosher as far as I know and have picked up an Australian wine somewhere and noticed it was kosher -- in Medford maybe, but didn't end up trying it.).

    2. I think Costco in Waltham does have a few Passover wines, but their selection for all wines is very limited. What they do have is a bargain, though! I'd call before making a trip there for the wine unless you have other stuff to get at Costco.

      1. The Wine and Cheese Cask in Somerville has about 10 or 12 different kosher wines in the $10-20 range (some, but not all are KLP) along with the ubiquitous Manischewitz.

        The Butcherie in Brookline also has low to moderately priced kosher wine.

        Chag sameach.

        1. Berman's on Mass. Ave. in Lexington, just over the Arlington line, has a good selection.

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            I believe the Butcherie in Brookline carries passover wines - I haven't checked but I wouldn't be surprised if Russian stores like Baza and Bazaar also carry them. I have found the wine selection at Baza often interesting and reasonably priced.

          2. Trader Joe's in Framingham had several reasonably-priced kosher wines in stock today. Three or four different Baron Herzog including California chardonnay and merlot, $4.99 tempranillo, Chilean chardonnay, malbec, prosecco, moscato and a couple of others that I can't remember.

            I'm guessing the Brookline and Cambridge stores would also have some.