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Apr 2, 2012 09:56 AM

Tell me about the state of food in Gainesville

Hey, folks! I lived in Gainesville from 1996 to 2003 as a poor student, and I've hardly been back since. I was just wondering about the food scene in town, since it changed a lot while I was there and has probably changed even more in the last decade (almost) since I lived there.

I was particularly interested in any mid-range to "nice" restaurants (though not necessarily expensive ones) like gastropubs, new additions to the ethnic food scene, any awesome Cuban or Mexican, Turkish or Greek, any farmer's markets or food trucks, and anything else new and noteworthy. Basically, I'm interested in anything aside from the countless pizza/wings/burgers/subs/sports bars catering to college kids, and even the standouts among those.

And as far as grocery shopping, is Publix still the best option around? It looks like Costco hasn't made it to G'ville yet.

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  1. I spend the occasional few days in Gainesville in the Archer Rd / I-75 area, and usually eat from Publix! They are still the grocery choice; there's a Walmart in the area but it's not a Super...the grocery section is VERY limited. As for other food choices, you're looking at college cuisine. Now, there's 'Europe'; I got a Groupon that I've yet to use, but the place looks wonderful from the reviews: an international deli and market that I can't wait to try. Rumor has it, it's "out of the way" (I'm going to have to mapquest it myself as the "old" location on Archer has changed) but everything I've read have been raves.

    1. Go Gators! I was there from 1980 to 1989.

      1. Paramount Grill.....Mildred's Big City Food.....Mark's Prime......some of my favorites when visiting my daughter who is a sophomore at UF

        1. I lived in Gainesville from 1983-1993, and have visited semi- regularly since (my brother and lots of friends are still there). I will be heading back for several days at the end of this month. Other than CJ's for raw oysters, no major plan yet, so looking forward to hearing some recs.