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Apr 2, 2012 09:55 AM

Gefilte Fish

Anyone know where freshly ground, not out of a jar gefilte fish can be found in the DC area? Maybe a fishmonger or a high end supermarket? Bottled is fairly easy to find, and I'm not quite all in to buy fish and grind it up myself this year...

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  1. Suggest you try the Kosher Board.

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    1. re: skipper

      Does not have to be kosher. Besides, that would have kosher foods for the entire country. I'm just looking for the DC area, skipper.

      1. re: ClevelandDave

        While it is true that the Kosher Board focuses on the NY area, other geographical areas including MD/DC/VA are addressed as well.
        My other suggestion is that you call Shalom in Wheaton, Shaul's in Silver Spring, and/or the Kosher Mart in Rockville (the 3 kosher markets in the DC area) and ask them.

    2. I'd explore your closest Balducci's.Someone is grinding fish to make fresh gefilte fish for sale at their prepared food counter, although whether that is the central kitchen or each individual store, I can't tell.

      If you simply buy Balducci's prepared fresh gefilte fish, the price is $16.99 for six slices.

      Incidentally, one year when I was elbow deep in griding my own fish, I resolved to buy some of Balducci's own. A few days later, I did. My best recollection is that the recipe skewed sweet, which reflects Galicia (western Ukraine and southeast corner of Poland) preferences for sweet preparations of everything. I suggest you buy a piece as a test drive.

      Finally, if all these all of these options don't pan out, consider buying the jarred stuff and doctoring it for a fresher flavor. Drain and reserve the liquid from the jar. For each jar, slice a large onion into thick slices or rings. Separate and then saute in olive oil. Meanwhile, peel one or two medium fresh carrots. Cut into thick chunks and add to the saute pan and cook. Add two tablespoons of green whole peppercorns near the end of the sauteeing. Add the reserved fish liquid. Bring to a boil then simmer for 20 minutes.

      Place gefilte fish balls in a Dutch oven and cover with the prepared stock. Bring the liquid gently to medium temperature and then, reduce to simmer. (Handle the gelfilte fish gently.) Simmer for 30 minutes. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

      1. Whole foods had homemade traditional, basil and salmon gefilte fish in the prepared foods section in past years in Rockville.

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        1. re: dining with doc

          Are you referring to three varieties of gefilte fish or does Whole Foods recipe include salmon? If it's the latter, your wording made me smile. I love the addition of salmon to gefilte fish. My own recipe includes salmon. However, there is nothing traditional about salmon in gefilte fish. Some type of white freshwater fish (e.g. carp, whitefish, and pike) is the traditional fish.

          1. re: Indy 67

            3 kinds. None are spectacular but better than a jar.

          2. Call the Chabad of Baltimore

            1. I would suggest trying to find frozen loaves. They are much better than the jarred kind.

              You can boil according to the directions on the package, or bake it -- I like to just brush with olive oil, but it's also good with a tomato sauce or salsa. If you bake it, take it out of the parchment paper first. You can also defrost and doctor it up how you want before cooking.

              The frozen loaves may be available in your local supermarket, in the kosher section.