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Apr 2, 2012 09:51 AM

Blue Sky on York Beach - thoughts?

Hi all - coming up to Maine from NY in May and always looking for a new spot. This place looks good - is it?


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  1. Fun for a drink but food average at best.

    1. My thoughts are that your window has closed; they've been evicted.

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      1. re: bewley

        HA!!! I actually had decided against this place so no problem there!!

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          You might explore the board for Ogunquit. Many more excellent choices there.
          We're in York Beach for the summer but never go out for a nice dinner in the town. No options there.

          1. re: rcburli

            You mean you don't think there are any valid options in York?

            1. re: rcburli

              Thanks. We do have some good choices in and around Ogunquit - 98 Provence, Clay Hill, MC Perkins Cove and up to Kennebunkport for White Barn and Cape Arundell.