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Apr 2, 2012 09:38 AM

Bulgarini Gelato served in Culver City

Finally got to Teaforest Tea and Coffee to sample their stock of Bulgarini Gelato. I had greatly enjoyed the store in Altadena. The proprietor of Teaforest was very friendly and accomodating, allowing me to sample nearly every flavor he had.

Pistachio is amazing; it was nearly like eating a pistachio out of the shell.

Vanilla bean was wonderfully unique, not like vanilla flavoring at all.

Blood Orange ice

Burnt Macadamia

Salt Chocolate: Very rich. Delicious


Mango: very true mango flavor

It was a real treat. I took home 3 scoops: Mango, Pistachio and Salt Chocolate where my wife, a pistachio lover, declared it the best ever.

Suddenly Westside Ice Cream has gotten better and better.

Teaforest is on Washington Blvd across the street from the Helms Building.

8686 Washington Blvd
Culver City.

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  1. OOOOOO, blood orange!!!! Lovely!

    I haven't made it to the Culver City shop yet, but I do plan on going sometime soon. The Altadena locale has always been a favorite...especially after hitting up Settebello for dinner.

    Did you happen to see if the Culver shop had the goat milk w/ cocoa nibs? That and the pistachio are my favorites!

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    1. re: Novelli

      Jase is correct about the goat milk. I just forgot to mention that one. Delicious. On a side note, the proprietor was commenting on how Leo was working on pasta dishes. That will be interesting, if he puts his heart into that as he does his gelato.

      You could add Scoops to the mini crawl

    2. Was just there this weekend. They did have the goat cheese along with the ones Ogawak mentioned. They do give you 3 flavors with a small. $7.50 for a small. Not too far down from Cool Haus, only a few blocks. Easy to do a mini crawl and compare flavors and texture of gelato vs ice cream.

      Note that they do have a sign saying the gelato is only open till 7 p.m. We got there at 6:30 and they started cleaning and shutting down the gelato cooler while we were eating. Very friendly though and repeatedly assured us it would be okay if we wanted to try every flavor.

      1. ohhhhh. Super excited to here Bulgarini is being served somewhere that isn't the middle of nowhere. Definitely going to check it out. Thanks for the tip!

        1. Id heard so much about this place but never could make it to Altadena..checked out the Culver City location a coupla daze ago....the choc orange was excellent, very good almond but i have to say, $7 for 3 small scoops..thats ridiculous...if it was the best gelato ive ever had,possibly, but it was far from it...frankly 2 gelaterias in SF, one on Union St and one near UCSF that ive been going to since i lived up there in the mid-80s are way better and cheaper...o well...anyone have better gelato in LA?

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            1. re: lapizzamaven

              It seems like they changed up their servings. My first visit there, they charged $7 for a rather large cup, I want to say 4 inches wide. The next time I visited they charged $7 for a much smaller cup. I haven't been back since, but need to address that issue.

              1. re: lapizzamaven

                Yes, they clearly have reduced the scoop size, and no, they usually won't serve the 2-scoop portion to an adult. (They did allow to me to have 2 scoops last week, but only because my son got 3.)

                The other downside of the CC location is the limited flavor choices.

                On the other hand, the hazelnut I had last week was utterly sublime--somehow had never ordered that at Bulgarini before, perhaps because the pistachio gets so much press.

                1. re: lapizzamaven

                  I'm with you on the pricing issue. Perhaps it was highlighted by just returning from two weeks in Italy, where even the very best gelateria in relatively expensive cities (with the dollar still in less than desirable standing) don't cost as much as Bulgarini at Teaforest. $7 for the amount they give you is unreasonable. If you want to make a $7 sale then at least not make it such a small amount. Man did that make me miss Massimo, who had very good gelato for about $7 a whole pint. The price difference is enough to make Pazzo, which IMO is very good, a much more frequent visit, as well as Scoops.
                  That said the Pistachio and the mac nut at Bulgarini were excellent.

                2. Forgot to add that the gelato sizing was $5 for kids serving, $7 for tempted to ask a tween to go in and buy me a $5 2 scoop serving..."psst...hey kid...heres $5 bucks go in there and get me a double scoop of chocalate..pretty ridiculous

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                  1. re: lapizzamaven

                    LOL!! No need to bribe a kid. Most ice cream places will happily serve adults a kids size....


                    1. re: Dommy

                      Dommy, the server at Bulgarini in CC would not serve me a smaller size...i wasnt there on April Fool's Day nor was Candid Camera around...that seems rather odd to me.
                      taiwanesemalleats..I'll def give Grom a try...thanks for the rec!

                      1. re: lapizzamaven

                        Grom is excellent, as is Pacuigo in Hermosa Beach. I would recommend both for a try!

                        I haven't been to the Bulgarini in Culver City, but frequent the one in Altadena anytime I hit up Settobello in Pasadena (at least once a month). That pistachio will haunt you. I also dig mixing flavors for interesting the salted chocolate (florentine) with the hazlenut gelato....*drool*

                        1. re: lapizzamaven

                          REALLY! I'm so sorry to hear that. We get kids scoops all the time from places from Scoops to Mother Moo to Ben & Jerrys...

                          1. re: Dommy

                            You sample enough, at the end of the day, you have gotten a kids scoop worth of gelato.