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Apr 2, 2012 09:33 AM

Charlies - chocolate easter bunnies etc

... if you're looking for some easter treats beyond the Kinder Eggs and Purdy's ... tho i sometimes have to eat that choc too ; ) ... we just went over to Charlies on Canada Way next to Boundary - kind of tricky to get in there right now off the "freeway" what with the boundary exit all deconstructed (but Grandview exit from the EAST works)

i phoned ahead and pre-ordered from the existing stock so it was all ready to go when i got there - bought many beautiful small bunnies (etc) --- the packaging is not really very stylish but one can amend or unwrap for centerpiece so be prepared for that extra detail.

ps - there was a discussion somewhere about an almond brittle type candy dipped in chocolate ... Almond Butter Crunch - and Charlie's use to make a really good version of it and i would think they still make it - didn't look this time.

very cute traditional shapes - plus bunnies in cars, on motorbikes, etc etc --- choc is all glossy (as we like our choc), dark/light flavours, decent chocolate, decent prices.

i was reminded of the GIANT bunny that we have bought in past years - amazing --- he is huge - looks like the one that Kinnikinnick posted a link for - re: easter brunch topic - Yew at the Four Seasons

Easter is a special time for our multi-mixed Vancouver family in terms of food (and other details) - i hope you enjoy your preparations / events too.

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  1. I've heard about this place for years must try and stop by.

    1. Don't forget the running chocolate river in the store! Also passed by this place for years and only started going to the spot in the last couple.

      1. ps - altho i think it's the original owner (founder) son who is now in charge - you can on some days / phone calls still talk to Charlie at the Chocolate Factory at Canada Way location (he's somewhere in the range of a respectable 80-something ). It's very basic store (no merchandising style in my opinion) but we can all amend with our own pkging. ... and the people who work there are very helpful and friendly. it's a pkg experience shopping locally.

        1. I've spent too much money in that place to care to remember. Got my wedding chocs there.