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Apr 2, 2012 09:31 AM

Where is your favorite place to buy Babka?

Looking for a basic babka in the Philly area. Most places seem to carry raisin, chocolate and cheese. Which one should I try this year??

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  1. My 90 year old father tells me that the Szpula Bakery was where he used to buy babka. I only remember it being baked by my old Polish Babci (grandmother) many years ago. I think that there are about a half-dozen Polish bakeries still operating in the Port Richmond/Kensington area. My Babci only made raisin and cheese. Never chocolate. Must be a modern addition. Also, I believe that there is a difference between the Jewish bakery babkas and the Eastern European babkas which are mostly of Polish origin in Philly. Sorry that I can't be of more help. When I see my old aunts at Easter, I'll ask them.

    1. Baltic Bakery on Allegheny in Port Richmond.

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        I second Baltic Bakery on the south side of E. Allegheny and Almond. Great cheese babka!!!

      2. Marian's Bakery - 2615 E Allegheny Ave, Phila. Cheese and raisin only!

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          Serpe's in Elsemere DE has very good babka this time of year. A bit of a trek though.