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Apr 2, 2012 09:10 AM

Fresh Chanterelles in NoVa/DC??

Anyone know where to find fresh chanterelles this week (for Easter) in Northern VA or DC?? Our Whole Foods had them last week, but not this week (kicking self now....) I'm determined to make a leek and chanterelle tart as the 1st course for our Easter dinner!

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  1. Try Balduccis, they have them frequently...You may want to call a few stores ahead of time to save some running around....

      1. re: Ellen

        Ellen, do you know which Wegmans had them? I went to the one in Leesburg this am and they didn't have any -- they did have a bunch of other varieties, just not chanterelles. Thanks!

      2. Maybe the mushroom lady at the Courthouse farmers market on Saturday.

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          For your sake, don't make a trip to Arlington Farmer's Market without calling the vendor first to confirm she has chanterelles. Below, I've provided a link to the farm that has a stall at the market and, unfortunately, the list of varieties on that page does not include chanterelles. Perhaps one of the other varieties will work for you; their mushrooms are really delicious.

          The same farm stocks the mushroom stall at the Saturday Falls Church Farmer's market if that is a more convenient location.