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Apr 2, 2012 08:54 AM

Kyma ~ Sommerville

I just read an article in the Star Ledger about this place. Has anyone been?

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  1. Yes, see the following:

    Kyma really deserves its own thread; I guess this is it!

    1. Somerville has one "m" in it.

      1. Yes. Ate there for lunch couple of weeks ago. I had the Aginares Moussaka, a meatless moussaka with artichoke hearts, onions, zucchini, potatoes and bechamel sauce. Not something I would ordinarily order - - I'm neither a vegetarian nor a fan of moussaks - - but this was really delicious and I'm glad I ordered it on a whim. My lunch partner, who is Greek and in the food industry, was also very impressed. Because we only had a very limited amount of time for lunch, I only got a "taste" of the food there - - no time for appetizer, desert, etc., but based on the excellent brief lunch I enjoyed there I plan on returning for a complete meal soon.

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          grrrr... typos. Change "moussaks" to "moussaka."

        2. This thread was all the encouragement I needed to go back for a second try. I ordered taramosalata to start. It was creamy and abundant, but lacked a little of that fish "tang", served on wood-fire, char roasted pita though, it was very good. I ordered one of the specials - braised rabbit, with tomato and macaroni. I am a fan of anything braised and I was delighted to find rabbit. The dish was sublime and comforting, with the flavors of the rabbit, tomato and cinammon blending perfectly. Truly one of the best things I have eaten in a long time. No room for dessert this time.I was glad to see they were doing good business after 8:00 on a Wednesday.

          1. Didnt have a great experience when i went a few months back during a rather slow weeknight at the restaurant. The service was pretty good, but the entree's left a lot to be desired. I don't remember the exact name of my dish, but it was a lamb dish with a side of some sort of lemon flavored potatoes. The sliced lamb pieces were all unevenly cooked, with pieces ranging from medium rare to basically well done. The potatoes were inedible as they basically just tasted like lemon juice. I found it to be not worth it for the money, but maybe I just went on a bad night.

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              I was just there twice in the last month and I totally agree with you about the potatoes. They seem to use bottled lemon juice rather than fresh, so anything lemon-ey is just awful. The potatoes and avgolemeno soup being the worst offenders. They do have some great dishes, though. Chicken souvlaki is tender and well seasoned. Calamari is fresh tasting. Grilled pita and dips are awesome. Kefteda meatballs are very good. The spanakopita is just so-so. Vegeterian moussaka is good. You might want to give them another try, but do avoid anything with a lot of lemon.

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                The avgolemono soup is served with many of the lunch items so I've had it several times. I do agree that the lemon flavor is now really overpowering. I don't like it at all. I do not know the reason for this but I can say that the soup is not nearly as good as when Kyma first opened.

                Haven't had the potatoes for some time so can't comment one way or another.