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Apr 2, 2012 08:29 AM

grocery that consistently carries frozen lemon juice?

Any groceries around consistently carry frozen lemon juice? Like the Minute Maid stuff, though I don't care what brand -- just that it's frozen lemon juice and nothing else. I keep looking for it to no avail.

(And before anyone gets all enthusiastic about who has good, cheap, juicing lemons or about freezing my own fresh-squeezed, I have reasons for asking about commercial frozen -- let's save the DIY and the merits of different lemon juice sources for another thread, plase?)

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  1. i generally use fresh, but i like to have this on hand just in case, so i don't buy it often.

    used to be able to find it at market basket in somerville, but when i looked recently, they didn't. so i had to go to shaw's/star.

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    1. re: wonderwoman

      Thanks! I'll call a couple Shaw's -- Porter isn't that far out of my way.

      1. re: wonderwoman

        I can't live without a back up supply of it in my freezer. In the Somerville MB - you'll find it next to the fishsticks, don't ask me who came up with that genius location.

        Shaws doesn't seem to carry it, but most S&S do, with the exception of the Winchester store. I hope this helps.

        1. re: mintchip

          thanks for the market basket info (genius location LOL). i just bought some at the twin cities shaws, but good to know for future reference.

        2. Try Russo's? They distribute it to many restaurants.

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          1. re: trufflehound

            The place in Watertown? Never been there -- I thought it was more of a farmer's market-ish thing, but I haven't gone.

          2. I don't know about Boston, but here in CT Stop & Shop has always had the frozen Minute Maid whenever I've looked for it. (Though not always highly visible.)

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            1. re: benbenberi

              Sadly, Stop and Shops have been most of my fruitless search locations so far. (And Whole Foods, which you'd think would gladly charge you through the nose for organic frozen juice, but nope.)

            2. 12 boxes of Minute Maid in the frozen food aisle at the Packards Corner Star this afternoon, between the frozen waffles and the orange juice concentrates.

              1. I can almost consistently find it at Market Basket (north shore) but the location is odd and changes. Often by frozen fish, sometimes by lemonade, sometimes by frozen fruit.