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Apr 2, 2012 08:26 AM

Santa Barbara Vacation

My husband and I are taking a vacation in Santa Barbara at the end of May. We are spending one night in Malibu and then heading to Santa Barbara to stay in a yurt outside of town for 5 nights. I would love the hounds suggestions of places to eat and things to do.
Right now the plan is to eat at Savory on Monday night when we get in and spend the next day on the beach before heading up to our yurt. After that the plan is all pretty loose. The yurt does have a kitchen area so we will probably eat in some meals or prepare picnics.
We will definitely be doing some hiking, some more time at the beach, and definitely a lot of eating and drinking. We have a car and plan on spending at least a day or two hanging out in wine country. I have already reached out to Beckman vineyards, Loring wine company, and Stephen Ross, but would again love your opinions and suggestions.
We also don't fly home until 10:45 on a red-eye so if there is one do not miss place in LA we may be willing to venture in.
Preemptively I give my thanks for ensuring I plan a great vacation and we will be certain to report back after our trip.

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  1. Consistently excellent food and service. Been going there over 20 years.

    1. Love that your staying in a Yurt outside of SB..thought of Treebones but that is up in Big Sur.

      I really enjoy the Chase for the best calamari picatta in town and cheap too..lunch or dinner
      Croissants at Renauds
      Lunch at Cold Spring Tavern up the mountain
      Drinks and app's at Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch
      Brophy brothers for lunch
      Super Rica for Mex...fab taco shop

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        Just posted this review of Julienne's on another post. Really nice food if you want to splurge some one night. Also love La Superica, Hungry Cat, burgers at Lucky, San Ysidro Plow and Angel outdoor patio, ditto on Brophy Bros and for breakfast we like Crushcakes and D'Angelos.