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Apr 2, 2012 08:11 AM

French restaurants in Tokyo

I notice there is a plethora of wonderful French restaurants in Tokyo. I note that Florilege is much discussed on this board. Having failed to secure a lunch reservation there, I wonder what else is worth trying? My conceirge manged to book Au Gout du Jour for my upcoming trip, but I want to do one more French meal, please advise. I prefer those up and coming names rather than those big names whose reservations are impossible to come by. Thx

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  1. i had the pleasure of visiting florilege and l'effervescence. the former was great, the latter truly excellent (although to qualify, i only tried the lunch menu at florilege, whereas i had the dinner degustation at l'effervescence).

    not sure if l'effervescence is considered a big name. chef namae seemed genuinely surprised that two singaporeans made it all the way to his restaurant.