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Apr 2, 2012 07:21 AM

McDonald's Happy Meal Cookies

McDonald's stopped serving their happy meal cookies and the animal cracker-like cookies that were sold separately in a small box. I'm trying to recollect the flavor of those cookies, and the best I can describe them is tasting like animal crackers but sweeter and with more vanilla flavor, and some kind of subtle citrusy flavor to it.

Anyone else have flavor memories of the McDonald's cookies I'm talking about? And for that matter, does anyone know of any McDonald's that still serves these cookies? From what I can tell they eliminated them across all franchises.

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  1. I loved those cookies when I was a kid, but haven't seen or ordered them in at least 15 years. I remember a subtle lemon flavor, and more buttery than animal crackers.

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      I believe they used real meat 15 years ago..times have changed

    2. Total cross between an animal cracker and a vanilla wafer. I love love LOVED those -- a tossup between the cookies and the old school apple pie.
      I loved the character shapes they were in -- Oh Hamburgler how I miss you -- but I don't know of any franchises that sell them anymore.

      1. I'm in Canada (Toronto) and here kids have the choice of getting a small bag of those cookies instead of the happy meal toy. It's not really advertised, but we have never been turned down when we ask.

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          Do they still make them with the cartoon characters that no longer exist in their marketing campaign? I hope so!

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            Sadly the characters are all gone

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            And how would you describe the texture and flavor, cheesymama? Is the vanilla-y flavor and animal cracker/shortbread type flavor accurate? I'm hoping to create a recipe clone but sadly have nothing to compare it to. Perhaps I should have a Canadian friend mail some to me back here in Boston. :)

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              You might try the McDonald's at your local Walmart -- some Walmarts still sell them I believe.

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                I had some of these recently in Florida, within the last month. Yes, they are still in the character shapes. I noticed them by accident, the packaging is completely different and the cashier had no idea what I meant by McDonaldland cookies. They are in a white bag with red and yellow label and hang on a clip stand.

                Yes, I do think they're more shortbread than animal cracker. A few years back I used to find Dora the Explorer cookies at Target that were very similar. I think buttery with the tiniest hint of lemon is accurate, too.

            2. What you describe is exactly what I remember flavor wise. I miss them too! Closest thing I have found to them are Keebler Character cookies. The character changes every now and then.

              1. I have family in Florida and have confirmation they're still available there - a shipment is coming in the mail so I can work on a recipe clone.

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                1. re: mbCrispyBits

                  Sorry to be late in replying. Looks like you got the answers you needed. I always leave them to the kids, so can't comment on the flavour.