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Apr 2, 2012 07:11 AM

How can I get my baked fish crispy?

I want to do a baked cod (or similar fish). Coat with a dijon/mayo/butter/lemon/garlic (?) mixture - then coat with panko and bake. What is the key to getting it crispy? Will I need to turn on the broiler at the end? Any favorite recipes to suggest? Thanks!

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  1. make sure to pat the fish surface as dry as possible before coating it, so that it doesn't weep.

    don't be afraid to bake at a high heat, on a top rack in your oven.

    and yes, if it isn't nice and golden when just about finished, run under the broiler. carefully.

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    1. Add a bit of crushed corn flakes into your panko mix.

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        I was wondering about that - so thanks!

      2. I see that you are considering using mayo or butter as the glue to hold your Panko...but I would suggest you actually add butter to the top of the Panko coated fish.....better yet, add melted butter or olive oil to your seasoned Panko before topping your fish. I have found unless the coating has had any oil added, it only burns, and by the time the coating is burnt brown....the fish is over cooked. The greased Panko will also hold up under the broiler.

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        1. I don't own one myself, so I don't know firsthand. But someone told me recently that she bakes her chicken cutlets in the oven on a pizza stone. If you own one, it's worth a shot with fish.

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            If you own one, it's worth a shot with fish...

            Removal may be problematic

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              I don't have one either! Thanks anyway!

            2. Preheat at a higher temperature than the one you wish to bake at. Preheat for half an hour, so the oven is really hot. Once dish is in the oven turn it down to the desired temp.

              The advise about drizzling the coating with butter is good. An alternative is to spray the coating with a spray-oil (I use a healthier version rather than Pam).

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                  Note: Nutritionists are now saying that olive oil is unhealthy after it reaches the "smoke point". At that point olive oil breaks down and generates harmful cancer-causing compounds (oxygen radicals). For details see