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Apr 2, 2012 06:56 AM

Iconic watering-hole dries up!

The lovely Auberge du Presbytére in Saignon,along with its charming and iconic terrace is now closed.It was certainly one of the most pleasant and calm places in the Luberon to have a sip or two

while enjoying the sound of the fountain...and of course the stare value.It will be much missed.We hope a new buyer arrives on the scene to bring it all back to life.In the meantime I'll do my sipping

at La Petite Cave on Rue le Quai.Rumor has it that they have a very creative new menu to accompany

their ambitious wine list.

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  1. It's closed for good? Not just closed for off-season now?

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    1. re: Parigi

      It was open through the winter and never closed.Unfortunately it went bankrupt two weeks ago...
      it was a long while coming and now all traces of the Auberge and terrace are gone,the property
      is empty.We hope a buyer with deep pockets turns -up.It was a favorite of so many worldwide.
      We look forward to the next chapter.

      1. re: Franco American

        "We hope a buyer with deep pockets turns -up."
        and decides not to change a thing.
        This is too shocking.
        It was the soul of the village.

        1. re: Franco American

          Sad, we have fond memories there, too. And of rooms upstairs. -- Jake