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Apr 2, 2012 06:50 AM

April vacation with two kids

Need some recommendations for basic stuff (pizza, burgers, wings) for April vacation:
Pre-theatre dinner
Dinner in the Bronx (following tour of Yankee Stadium)
Dinner spot near 9/11 memorial

And reading very mixed reviews on The PrimeBurger (51st between 5th & Madison). Any thoughts?

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  1. > Pre-theatre dinner

    What are the cross-streets of the theatre?

    > Dinner in the Bronx (following tour of Yankee Stadium)

    You'll need to post on the Outer Boroughs board for the Bronx.

    > Dinner spot near 9/11 memorial

    Shake Shack is nearby, look into Landmarc or Bubby's in Tribeca for "kid-friendly" dining a short walk away.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks! Theatre is Nederlander - W. 41st between Broadway and 8th.

      1. re: sueportland

        There's also a Midtown Shake Shack very near your theater.

        Junior's (known for their cheesecake) isn't very far either. The food at Junior's won't blow you away, but it's pretty kid-friendly.

        If you like Naples style pizza, Don Antonio isn't too far either.

      2. re: kathryn

        For post-9/11 memorial dinner, don't forget about the new branch of Blue Smoke (ribs, burgers, wings, but at "city prices"), on the same "block" as the Shake Shack kathryn mentions. These are across the highway from the memorial exit, about 5 minutes away. Bubby's is about a 15 minute walk (in Tribeca) and tack on another 10 for Landmarc (times based on the presumably short legs of your kids).

        So you're seeing Newsies! Congrats on scoring tix! There's a Red Lobster and Ruby Tuesday right across the street, but I'd make the hike to 9th Ave between 41st and the mid-50's for more interesting stuff (do a "Theater District" or "Pre-Theater" search on this board). Our pre-theater go-to's are Lan Sheng (Szechuan Chinese) on 39th (don't quote me) and 6th and Cho Dang Gol (Korean) on 35th and 6th, but YMMV depending on the kids' taste.

        1. re: Andy T.

          We had lunch at the downtown branch of Blue Smoke after visiting the memorial, and the restaurant was full of families with kids. They seemed very accommodating of children.

      3. Thank you for all of the suggestions. We had an awesome few days. We hit Shake Shack (691 8th btw 8th & 44th) before Newsies at the Nederlander; and Blue Smoke (255 Vesey btw West & North End Ave.) after visiting the 9/11 Memorial. Both, in there own way, hit it right on the head for my family. I thank you all again for taking at least some of the guesswork out of our vacation dining experience.