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Apr 2, 2012 06:27 AM

Great Tribeca/Soho ethnic restaurant?

I'm meeting a friend from out of town and would like easy access to the Holland Tunnel. We both love ethnic cuisines (we have fond memories of eating Greek food, tapas, etc.). I'd like to find the perfect little place to take her that isn't too casual nor too fancy. I'm thinking something like Periyali but a little further downtown. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think Lotus Blue would be great, it's a casual and chic Chinese-Yunnan restaurant (some photos of my meals there: )

    1. Tribeca casual and good
      1) Greenwich Grill would be a good choice. It is a a mix of Italian, Japanese and French all in one.
      2) Lotus Blue ( as mentioned by Cheeryvisage)
      3) Kori for korean, very nice place with nice drinks too
      4) Cercle Rouge ( french bistro)
      5) Blau Gans ( Austrian)

      1) Boqueria ( tapas)
      2) Niko ( japaneseish)
      3) Omen ( japanese)
      4) Osteria Morini ( italian)

      1. Thanks, Cheeryvisage and foodwhisperer! Looks like we're going to Lotus Blue!!!

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          Hope you enjoy! Definitely get the Fried Red Snapper if you don't mind a bit of a heat. It's great.

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            Also that fired rice with the pickled turnips is great at Lotus Blue

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              Hah, I need to get that fried rice dish when I go back to Lotus Blue next time!

          2. I agree that Lotus Blue would be a great choice.