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Apr 2, 2012 06:08 AM

Some challenges for our visit on the weekend - late night and easter brunch

I'm visiting New York, for the first time this weekend and plan to eat all day every day :) I'm originally from Vancouver, my partner from Montreal...we love food and eat almost everything. I've figured out most of my itinerary from the boards but have two more challenges that I was hoping for help with:
1. We're getting in quite late (around 11 P.M .) Thursday, staying near Time Square (47th & 10th) and I would love some version of late night food after we settle there anything worth eating open past midnight in that area? I'm open to takeout or something quite casual
2. We were hoping to go for brunch Sunday but given that it's easter I'm guessing everything will be insane? Any recommendations for non-traditional choices (maybe dim sum or something along those lines) that might be less insane?

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  1. Most restaurants close before midnight on Thursday but if you're willing to take a cab you could try the Dutch or Minetta Tavern which stay open until 1 am.

    Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill on west 58th Street (the sushi gets mixed reviews but the cooked plates are pretty good) and Landmarc at the Time Warner Center (solid but not stellar American food) are open until 2 am.

    For Easter Sunday, consider Kin Shop, Momofuku Ssam Bar, or Ippudo (get there early to avoid a long wait).

    The traditional dim sum places are always insanely busy on Sundays though you could try Chinatown Brasserie or Dimsum Go Go for a more low key vibe. In both places, the dim sum is cooked to order and there are no carts.

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      Additionally, Chinatown Brasserie (an upscale Chinese restaurant actually located in Noho) is on OpenTable and has quite a few openings left for Sunday morning/mid-day.

    2. Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery is right by 47th and 10th and is open late; it's a deli in the front, and taqueria in the back. Also, Casellula and Ardesia are both a few blocks away, and open until 2am on Thrusdays.

      1. If you are not in the mood to range too far upon your arrival, Druids on 10th and 50th serves better than average pub type food very late.

        1. Thanks so much for the replies...Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery sounds like it might be perfect...close and without requiring a real sit down meal if we end up wiped from the drive...otherwise if we aren't exhausted Druids sounds good or if we're really good to go out still we might embark on the cab ride to Minetta Tavern...
          As for Sunday, although coming from Vancouver my standards for Asian food are pretty high, Momofuku Ssam Bar sounds quite unique and the menu at Chinatown Brassiere also seems impressive...gah so much choice I might just have to move to New York

          1. There are a plentitude of restaurants/bars on 9th Ave that will be serving food late. it may not be the best meal you will have in Manhattan but it will be the best you'll have that night. We like Eatery which open until midnight Thursdays. Eatery also has brunch or you could try El Centro which makes a nice brunch. Then again, NYC is quite easy to get around so you might want to expand your area!!