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Apr 2, 2012 05:51 AM

Paris - Looking for Smaller Resto - Mid Price - Good Food - Not touristy

Hi -

I am staying near Les Invalides and will be in Paris for 5-6 days. I speak french but haven't been to Paris in a while.

We are looking for smaller bistro's etc, perhaps off the eaten track and more for lunch than dinner. willing to go up to Belleville, etc for the right place.

Ideally it would be a smaller chef owned resto, with no english menu, and a local crowd...

Don;t want to spend an arm and a leg...


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  1. We really enjoyed L'Affriole last year - in the 7th. Pics on our blog here....

    Last year lunch was 27E

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    1. re: ElizabethS

      Elizabeth -

      Looks good, I will also check out, thanks....

    2. We just returned recently and I posted a report here

      We went to several places that would fit that description. I would say Neva Cuisine, Au Passage, Les Saisons, Albion and La Table d'Aki. All were mostly or all locals except for us.

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      1. re: PattyC

        I agree on Patty's list.

        But the best way to find recs of restaurants where tourists do not have a chance of knowing would be to inquire with a French-language site.

        1. re: Parigi

          Parigi -

          any suggestions of a french site for Paris..?

          1. re: vtmark

            Le Fooding guide.
            Omnivore guide.

        2. re: PattyC

          Patty -

          Thanks will check these out.

          1. re: vtmark

            If you're interested in mostly lunch, you might check out John Talbott's blog. Many good places that cost less than one arm.

            1. re: plafield

              You may get a "sense" of who's dining on a particular day or night but I don't know how anyone can look around a filled restaurant and say "were the only non locals" or nearly so. Unless your willing to go around and interview each patron and they are agreeable to that you just don't know. Yes, you may here much more french spoken but to pronounce we are the only non locals is a little, perhaps, pretentious. Its not as if the resataurants/bistros etc listed by PattyC are not known to non locals. Tourist, I guess that would be me find these places out, however unfortunate that is to some.

        3. Le Bouchon et l'Assiette

          1. another French language website I like-chroniques du plasirs

            1. A place that fits your criteria and is near you is Reed on Rue Amelie. Then there is Fourchette du Printemps in the remotest part of the 17th.