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Apr 2, 2012 05:48 AM

Cambridge Restaurant for Easter Brunch/Lunch with 87 year old Mom

Any particular favorites from folks on a nice place to take an older mom for noon-ish brunch / lunch this Easter Sunday in Cambridge? I'm looking at Henrietta's Table, Upstairs at the Square, Harvest... but open to other ideas. Appreciate any thoughts.

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  1. I've really enjoyed Easter Brunch at Blue Room in past years.

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    1. re: Chris VR

      I'll second that, but offer the caveat that your "older mom" is fairly mobile. It can get *pretty tight* at Blue Room for Easter brunch - which can be an issue 1) if you are seated near where the line for hot dishes builds up, and 2) if you are seated at the opposite end of the restaurant, in which case you need to squeeze between tables of festive families dining to navigate over to the food. But overall, it's an enjoyable brunch. Which is why we will be back again this year.

    2. TW Food is having a prix fixe Easter Brunch for $35, 3 courses:

      Looks like there will be live jazz as well, and reservations may be needed.

      I'm a big fan of TW Food, but I haven't tried any of their brunches yet and would love to go sometime.

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        Special thanks, Tammy, for your excellent TW Food suggestion. Just wanted to report back on today's Easter Brunch. Both Mom and I loved it- delicious spring menu, charming service and sweet live jazz. I'd go back in a heartbeat. Just what I was looking for in terms of the food and the ambience.

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          Hurray, I'm glad you liked it! Now to experience it for myself. :P

      2. Your choices are good. You should call to see who is still taking reservations.

        1. Craigie on Main does an easter brunch. We went to Mother's Day there a few years ago, it was great.

          1. Thank you all! Made a reservation at TW Food (the menu looks just right for Mom). Loved the suggestions for Blue Room and Craigie and will be trying them with friends another time.

            Special thanks for reminding me to start with who has space! Glad to have gotten this done.

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              Please report back on how it goes! If it turns out well, it may just be the push I need to finally go do brunch there myself ...