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Apr 1, 2012 10:51 PM

Whirlpool Four Encastrable Pyrolase - Broiler setting?

The apartment we've rented in Paris comes equipped with a sort of assisted-chef oven called a Whirlpool Four Encastrable Pyrolase. I've figured out how to use it manually and also have profited from the truly sophisticated "assisted chef" settings...made an amazing roti de porc last night on the "assisted" setting that surprised me.

What we can't figure out is whether there is a broil setting or whether we can turn the temp up high enough to mimic a broil. Anyone have experience with this device?

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  1. What you have is a built in oven (four encastrable) with self cleaning (Pyrolyse, not pyrolase) function. I don't have one, but the assisted chef function seems to be programs for particular settings.

    I would think there is a broil setting, usually marked with a wavy horizontal line, to indicate top heat. Most ovens have the temperature setting on one dial, and the function on the other. Hard to know without a model number. You should be able to tell it to use only the top element to broil, with the temperature turned up high

    1. The manual is available here:
      I could not find one in English. Without having one or the time to go through the whole manual, here's what I get.

      The touch on the left with a vertical line is the on/off. You've probably figured that out. You may be able to hit Menu and use arrows to scroll up and down to change the language.

      Anyway, if you futz with the on/off and arrows, look for Traditional. Select that with the key that looks like a check mark, then use arrows to scroll to Grill. Check that. You may also have a temperature choice between Elevé (high) and Moyen (medium). Again, use arrow keys and check mark.

      Ok, that's my best guessing. No guaranty of accuracy.