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Apr 1, 2012 10:10 PM

DTWish: Uyghur Kebab / Flying Tiger in Windsor

Just a heads-up on Uyghur Kebab, as I haven't been there yet. Isn't this the location of the long-lamented Wong's Eatery? (I still fantasize about the dim sum there.)

Flying Tiger is a about a block further west on University W. We went there on the recommendation of my Hong Kong Chinese co-volunteer, who suggested the garlic green beans. They were great, but salty. Lots of wok hei (something she lamented that they couldn't manage at home) and the ground pork bits were crispy magic.

The hot and sour soup was both hot and sour, with plenty of stuff in it...tofu, pork, various veg, and, astonishingly, the most flavorful, well-cooked shrimp I've had in years. The soup was a bit over-thickened for my taste, but one copes.

Beef with ginger and green onion, one of my favorites when done right, was just ok. The beef was over-tenderized to the point of near-gelatin, but that is kind of fun in itself. Not enough ginger, and the sauce as a bit gloppy.

The server was very attentive and sweet, but the place is, frankly, kind of a dump, and they charge separately for rice and tea. So, a bit mixed, but I suspect there may be hidden treasures.

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  1. How exciting! Uyghur cuisine is one of my favorite of China's regional cuisines, so I'm happy to see it has come to Windsor. I get this cuisine often in the Toronto area, where there are numerous very good Uyghur and Xinjiang style restaurants.

    I'm definitely going to give this place a shot next time I'm in Windsor. The beans look and sound good, and I'm looking forward to trying their kabobs. Do you recall if they had grilled bread, sort of naan-like? Sounds like this place is pretty typical of Windsor ethnic food, though: "a bit mixed, but I suspect there may be hidden treasures" -- that's been my experience at every ethnic joint in Windsor!

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      Oops, I was misleading. these are two different places! Uyghur Kebab and Flying Tiger are two different places. I haven't been to Uyghur Kebab yet, but will report back as soon as I can get there on a night w/o karaoke. :)

      1. re: missmind looks like I missed my window of opportunity. We tried to eat at Uyghur Kebab this evening and it is "closed for renovations". They opened a month ago, so it seems unlikely.

    2. No idea whether these are the same proprietors (likley I'd guess) but that Windsor Ughyar window of opportunity has reopened. Address is Bhullar Plaza on Wyandotte which as I recall is home to the Indian grocer with the good samosas.

      FB page says they're open now, and comments are as recent as a few days ago.

      Credit must go to a new Y*lp review for inspiring me to look this up.

      Hand pulled noodles ...

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      1. Clarification -
        Uyghur Kebab is closed BUT
        Dolan at 225 Wyandotte st W, Windsor
        is open (as of August 2013)