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Apr 1, 2012 08:33 PM

Las Vegas 4 Nights.

Hi we are heading to Vegas this Friday we are staying at the encore fri sat four seasons mon Tues.
We would love any suggestions.

From what i have researched it seems lotus of siam is a must go. How far is it from encore and what are the can't miss dishes. My wife only eats fish.

Saturday I was thinking scarpetta. Is this a good choice and if so what should we order.

The next two nights are open. Would love all suggestions. Wife wants to go to Joe's crabs shack.

We also have $80 a day For breakfast each day thanks to Amex. Any suggestions for Wynn and four seasons for breakfast.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Wynn and Four Seasons have the best breakfasts IMHO. The Huevos Rancheros at the Verandah (Four Seasons) is a must! The wild boar sausage scramble and the duck (can't remember what the duck dish is called) at The Tower Suites Cafe are also excellent. Both have outdoor dining and both provide for a wonderful atmosphere and food.

    Personally I would skip Scarpetta and go to Sage instead.

    Lotus Of Siam as you mentioned is a must. The Seabass Drunken Noodles is one of my all time favorites and I have never been steered wrong by closing my menu and having them cook for me (wine too!).

    Raku up Spring Mountain Road (right at the foot of the Wynn) is also a must.

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      I have been reading a lot about Sage I think We will go and cancel scarpetta.

      How far is raku from the Wynn and what are some can't miss dishes.

      Thank you for the reply.

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        The homemade tofu soup. Sound odd (fried tofu in a broth) but OMG delicious. They have a tasting but found it to be very expensive and not everything was that great. Menu is extensive so give it a look before you go. It's about a 3 min ride from Wynn up spring Mtn. Road. It is a piece of cake (can't walk, too far). The restaurant is great about having cabs pick you up.

    2. I agree with LVI breakfast at the Wynn tower suites cafe( may be called Tableau now) is one of the best I have had. For diner Sage is great. Jaleo is one of my favorites if you like tapas also local Firefly is great. For fish American Fish in aria is good also RM seafood in Mandalay bay. If you are looking at something a little fancy, Both Joel RoBuchon in MGM are amazing, Picasso in bellagio, Twist at mandarin oreintal. And if you are looking for one of the most fun dining experience you can have try and get into e inside Jaleo.

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        Had the brunch at the Wynn last sunday and thought it was worth every dime very good. Of course not every dish was exceptional avoid the cold boiled shrimp tasteless from asia Im almost sure but I give them credit for trying. But most food stuffs were of exceptional quality and the variety was really something else. Also set in a beautiful setting.